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understanding your MD

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So often our doctors either don't explain things well or don't explain enough. We leave our visits dazed and confused. Scared and un-releaved.(is that a word?) Who doesn't hate this? I had a follow up today. Just blood work and a zometa infusion. No other diagnostic or prognostic indicators except a couple. First when she comes in, she kisses me on the cheek. When I leave she gives me a good hug. Then she says, "You've made my day." How's that for a follow up visit? I had no problem understanding. Thank You Dr. Kluger. I hope I don't squeeze her too hard when I hug back and thank her.

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so great to hear your news and I wonder about this doctor. Hmmmm...it could be sexual harassment.

just kidding but enjoy this long weekend and the medical communique 


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My last doctor barely talked to me at all.  Missed the fact I had been saying I was having migranes (sp) once a month for 5 years - unti, one day when I mention it AGAIN and she freaks out, "you can have a stroke! You should have told me!"  Ah - yeah.  Stopped taking pill and stopped going to doctor.

Then all this happens an I met my new doctor while in hospitlal the first time in Jan.  She gives me a hiug when I see her and she takes time to explain and listens.  

Wonderful doctorss can make all this so much better.  Glad you have one foxhd 

have a marvelous weekend.  Hope it is sunny, warm and relaxing

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Skagway Jack
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To have such repport with your Doc is a real advantage.  I have this with one of my Docs, but not so much in the newer ones.  I often take notes with me, but I dont always get around to asking all the questions I have.  There is always the lingering feeling that I have forgotten something.



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Without my doctor, I would have been dead.  Who knows how long I will live but I'm alive now and owe it all to her. You can be sure she feels rewarded with my progress, just as I am.  This visit was just routine. Really nothing to discuss except to review blood work. Scans not until 6 more weeks. So we do the wait and see thing. Seems amazing to think we have put two and a half years into beating this cancer together. I feel great and it shows. At least for now.

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Isn't that wonderful Fox when you consider how far you have come. "A routine visit, with really nothing to discuss but a review of bloodwork" that's a good place to be:) 


Djinnie x

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My old Primary care physician dismissed my concerns about RCC based on family history.  If he had listented to me, my cancer you have probably been found when the tumor was small, and before metastisis....I would have had a partial.

So, it does go both ways.  

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dhs, I had my gall blader removed just a couple years prior to my kidney diagnosis. I also think they should have found my cancer then. If only they had, then it would have been an easy stage 1 removal. I'd never have been here sharing stories. I don't blame anyone. Maybe the ins. co. I only had had ultrasounds. No scan which would have found it. What are you gonna do? I tell my friend that my current health is so closely watched now, that I can't imagine any new surprises. But who knows? I am just so thankful I found someone who not only cared, but knew what to do. I accept that I am on borrowed time and try to enjoy every minute. Have to stay positive.

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