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Neuroendocrine Large Cell Lung Cancer Stage IV

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My mom was just diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroendocrine Large Cell Lung Canger Stage 4. This is a very rare and very aggressive cancer. She had a mass removed from her breast and from her side that both tested for this cancer. She had her PET scan done yesterday and MRI of the brain on that day too She begins chemotheraphy on Monday. It is so hard to find out information about this rare cancer. Her oncologist was not very hopeful that she could be cured. I want to hear from other people who have survived this cancer and what facility or physician you used. We do not have a cancer center where we live but are willing to drive wherever to get the best treatment available. Thanks so much for your help. 

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Hello my husband has been diagnosed with this same cancer but nobody seems to know very much about treatment except to say there has been no advancement in twenty years. He has had about seven chemo treatments to date but maybe no more after his next round in three weeks time. It all really is very overwhelming.

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The oncologists who monitor the site at cancergrace.org may have some new info for you.  Please report back anything you learn to help others looking for answers here.  Okay?

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