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Dad's Surgery Appointment

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So he went to see the surgeon today. Rated the best in the area and I get why. 

He feels that the oncologist has not provided enough information to cut him open. He wants all the facts and feels the PET scan isn't telling the whole story. Therefore, he wants a colonoscopy and in three months a new PET scan. Once he has those he will have a better idea on what to do. He clearly stated he wants to ensure there's no activity in the lungs before putting him through the surgery.

I can say we all feel comfortable - he's being honest and wants the best. He's not very happy with the oncologist... but that's water under the bridge.

My dad is pretty happy that he can enjoy summer without surgery though! Guessing if all is well it will be in the fall.

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Its always good when you feel good about your provider. 

I hope you all have a wonderful, needle free, Scan free summer. 

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Hi Trubrit,

It is nice... He does have a scan in August right after my wedding sometime, but they don't think they will find anything new... he just wants a better report written up. There are scar-like spots on his lungs, so the surgeon just wants to be 100% sure that they are scar tissue and NOT cancer. In any case, it's best that he's not being cut open just to be cut open... 

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It's interesting that it seems like the surgeons are often the ones to suggest this approach.  Guess they don't want any surprises when they go in, which I tend to agree with!  And so long as they are using the hyper-sensitive PET to track things, I think it can be a very effective way to manage cancer.

And I'm glad your dad gets the summer off...yay!

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