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Just want to say, "hello" and thank you

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Even though have a good support system at home - I have never felt as alone as I have since finding out in January that I had a 5 cm growth and it was cancer.  Had it removed by an open partial in early March and returned to work last month. 

But even with people saying they udnerstand... I don't think they really can.  "Oh they have gotten it all." "There's only a 15% chance it will return.  We have that % of a chance it will rain today, and it didn't"...Things like that that, I aguess, are to make me feel better, yet, just make me feel more alone. 

So, thank you all for being here.  You don't know how much better I have felt reading the boards long before I signed on. You all display what survivors are.  

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Thankyou aamdsi for saying that so well. I am only a caregiver and not a patient but you all have made me laugh and cry so much. Thankyou for being so real and encouraging. You are all amazing!!

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Maybe as part of their training doctors should talk to surviviors so survivors did not have to get so much coping information off the internet.



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The secret handshake is taught after your probationary period. Who says cancer isn't fun? We all help each other and do this together. Keep positive thoughts.

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I agree that people don’t seem to understand, even though they're supportive and sympathetic. I get the comparisons to people’s hysterectomies, C-sections, etc., all the time, as though this was just another surgery from which to recover. They don’t get that it’s hearing the word “cancer” that makes it vastly different from other surgeries, at least for me. Not minimizing hysterectomies or C-sections but once that is over it’s over and you don’t have to think about it. And of course C-sections have their very special results. But we really can’t say that about our surgeries because we simply don’t know if it’s over, and the cause of our surgeries can rear its ugly head at any time. So yes, I’m grateful for this board as well because everyone here gets it.

Posts: 284
Joined: Apr 2014

Sad to say - even telling my husband about this board, he just dind't seem to see the need.  Oh well. He's there for me even if he doens't truly understand.

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