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Prayers, please!

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Dave was admitted to the hospital on Sunday, May 4th, for extreme kidney pain and a low grade fever. He just finished round 3 of Sutent with no positive results...meaning, the tumor on his kidney grew a bit and there wasn't enough significant change in size of other growth to believe the sutent worked.

tge first night of his hospital stay, they did many tests...blood work, urine, scans, ultrasound...All his tests came back normal and the scans showed no significant change. Now, today, he is still in the hospital and in such extreme pain and the doctors are trying to regulate his pain meds so he can go home. Nothing seems to work & Dave has been vomiting as well. Anyone else experienced something like this? I am worried about all the vomiting and exhaustion as his body isnt getting that chance to recover from the sutent. The doctors also determined that they don't want to remove his kidney as they are afraid he won't survive the surgery and because the cancer has spread significantly already...

We have a meeting with Dr. fruhauf at UCI next week to determine next course of action and if anything can be done at this point. 

Confused, scared and feeling overwhelmed. 


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You guys are in my prayers for sure.

Wishing you the best.


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Hi Jen, I am sorry to hear your news about Dave. I hope they are able to ease his pain quickly so he can get some much needed rest. I will keep you both in my thoughts and at the forefront of my prayers.

Djinnie x

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figure this out. I expect that something will be done with good results. Sending karma.

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Bumping Dave to the top of my prayer list.  Will be praying for you and the children as well.  I'm sure something can and will be done but I know it can't happen soon enough.  I cannot imagine how hard this is for you and how helpless you must feel.  Hang in there.  He's lucky to have you!


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Jen, both Dave and you deserve a good break..  That said, perhaps it would be a good idea to seek a second opinion, as maybe something is being over looked.

Prayers sent..


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