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Had My Brain Scan Today!

Djinnie's picture
Posts: 945
Joined: Apr 2013

Had my very first brain scan today, fortunately there were some indications of brain activity, albeit small Wink . More importantly there were no mets, so two good scans under my belt at last, I'm right chuffed:)




Skagway Jack's picture
Skagway Jack
Posts: 224
Joined: Oct 2013

Djinnie,  Very happy to hear it!  Clearly you have the "mind over matter" thing down.  Congrats.



APny's picture
Posts: 1988
Joined: Mar 2014

That's wonderful news. So happy for you Smile

GSRon's picture
Posts: 1304
Joined: Jan 2013

Good news DJ..!  Time to celebrate I think..!!


Darron's picture
Posts: 310
Joined: Jun 2013

I am not sure what chuffed means....

i always joke that they did a brains can in me and found nothing. Ha ha ha.

no mets is good news, good to hear

danbren2's picture
Posts: 311
Joined: May 2013

So happy for you,!  May things just keep getting better and better for you!

                                                       Love and prayers of good health!


Scottie22's picture
Posts: 76
Joined: Apr 2013

Great news, 2 good scans, keep smiling Djinnie. All the best.

Jan4you's picture
Posts: 1326
Joined: Oct 2013

YAAAYY!!!!! Laughing Whew....

Thanks for letting us know.

Wishing you more blessings your way~

Warmly, Jan

Cate1273's picture
Posts: 35
Joined: Feb 2014

Congrats on the great news!!!!

todd121's picture
Posts: 1427
Joined: Dec 2012

Thanks for sharing your good news! Glad to hear it. Warms my heart to hear good news.


twinthings's picture
Posts: 409
Joined: Jun 2013

What a blessing, Djinnie!  I am so happy for your good news.  Keep those clean scans coming!!

foxhd's picture
Posts: 3183
Joined: Oct 2011

What goes around, comes around. Good for you Djinnie!

icemantoo's picture
Posts: 3284
Joined: Jan 2010



Keep up the good scans. What type of French wine goes with a good scan?



Suekub's picture
Posts: 137
Joined: Apr 2013

Hi Djinnie

You have every right to be chuffed. How are doing on Votrient? Hope you are doing better than you were when you first started taking it.



angec's picture
Posts: 924
Joined: Mar 2012

That is what I like to hear! Way to go!!!!  Laughing

cjhawk38's picture
Posts: 44
Joined: Dec 2013

I am so happy for you and I hope you continue to get good news and the bad news is over.

Jojo61's picture
Posts: 1310
Joined: Oct 2013

So happy to hear the good news, Djinnie! Way to go!

BIG hugs and smiles,


Djinnie's picture
Posts: 945
Joined: Apr 2013

Thanks to one and all for all the messages of support!

Sue .....I am still on the 400mg of Votrient, and have a few side effects still, most of which I can handle. There has been some ramifications from the higher dose though. I am just going through a second treatment for fluid and inflamation around my heart, it is taking a little while to heal. I am also experiencing some eye problems, my vision is a little off. I see the Oncologist next week so hopefully it will all get sorted.

Djinnie x

Gordon Charles's picture
Gordon Charles
Posts: 91
Joined: Jun 2012

Fox was too shy to ask so I will...What kind of beer and pizza are you going to get to celebrate?  Definitely appropriate!

Djinnie's picture
Posts: 945
Joined: Apr 2013

A shy Fox Gordon! On which day of the week would that be?Wink I am not so keen on the beer, I prefer the liquid trampled from red grapes best, or a glass of Guiness. A thick Chicago pizza would go well with that. Sadly we only have the thin Italian style here with the cardboard base, and if it's not cardboard it gives a good impression of it.


Djinnie x

donna_lee's picture
Posts: 968
Joined: Feb 2009

Glad to hear your GRRRRreat News.  We like this kind of report.

Maybe you need to learn how to make pizza dough, in your spare time.  Hah!  Isn't it amazing how some places can totally screw up pizza?

Keep your smile bright, like always.


NewDay's picture
Posts: 273
Joined: May 2012

Always great to hear good news!

brea588's picture
Posts: 240
Joined: Jul 2012

that is wonderful news.  Good for you!!!!!

Djinnie's picture
Posts: 945
Joined: Apr 2013

Thanks Donna, Kathy and Brea, it was a fantastic feeling getting the all clear on bone and brain scans. I am looking forward to the day I have similar results on my other scans too. I will hold a village party over that one:)

Djinnie x

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