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Great news!

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Sutent is working

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My latest scan showed some reduction in size of my lung nodules and several are no longer detectable. I have no new mets anywhere.    I am a year past the diagnosis of lung mets and the one run of hdil2 along with 9 months of sutent have had positive results.  I am still working full time and playing golf asmuch as possible.  The 50 mg sutent 1 wk on 1 wknoff gives me the usual slight fatigue, gastrointestinal issues and sun sensitivity,  but all are manageable.   I hope this news will give some hope and confidence to anyone about t start the use of sutent.   As reference, my lagest nodule was 9mm and now 6mm and several 6mm nodules have been eradicated.  


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YAAAYY!! Thanks for sharing your good news! Hope everything continues to improve.

You also seem to have a wonderful attitude and its helping!!

Keep us informed,

Warmly, Jan

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I hope we can all follow your lead.

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Your news is fantastic! I hope everything continues to be wonderful for you!


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Such great news!! Keep it coming!

Big hugs and smiles!


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Good Morning!

My husband has also had good results with Sutent.  He is just finishig up his 11th cycle and takes 37.5 mg  4weeks on/2 off.  He has had significant reduction of the met to his pancreas, stability of suspicious areas of lungs, and no new sites.  It isn't the most pleasant drug to deal with, but as long as it is working we can deal with the side effects.  After the first few cycles he/we knew what to expect and have learned how to work around things. 

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