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Agonizing grief, then normal

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jim and i
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What is wrong with me? I lost my husband after a three year battle with Base of tongue cancer. When the nurse said those two words, "He's gone," I wailed; literally wailed. I could not stop crying for two days. Today, six days after he died, everything feels normal. Am I numb? Is it because I have been kept busy or my daughter and family are around? Will I wail again Sunday night when I am left all alone? Jim was my heart. Maybe my heart died when he did and that is why I can't feel. I don't know how I am to feel or be or live. So confused.


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First, I am sorry. Nothing I write will help or has any words of wisdom. We each grieve in our own way. I can tell you that I held everything together pretty well unti after the memorial service. Yes, I was numb. I wasn't even sure what normal was. However you handle your grief is ok. I think I needed to be numb for awhile. Grief is so very individualized for each of us. We often find we have some things in common. We also find that there are many different ways to cope, and for awhile that is all we can do. Just cope. Fay

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 My Husband went home September 21 2014 in Glory. His suffering from Bile Duct Cancer was over he won. He is at peace but me not so much. I am blessed with family and friends but I feel the loss most of the time there can be so many tears I too Love my Jim and even in his death I love him and miss him.

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