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Batting 2 for 2...

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Hi Guys,

  Well...the biopsy results from the pea size lump in my right cheek came back yesterday and it also tested positive for Follicular NHL...60% infiltrated. Had my CT Scan yesterday morning of my pelvic, stomach, neck and head, but won't get the results until Friday or possibly Saturday. I have them mail me a copy. I have blood work next Wednesday, then see my Oncologist Thursday and on the 29th I meet with the radiology Oncologist. I swear..timing just sucks with us moving on the 1st. Tongue Out I'm going to ask if holding off treatment until mid May will be ok,to at least allow us to get moved and unpacked. I will of course do what they say is best, but hoping a slight delay will be permitted. I will keep you posted, and share the CT Scan results as soon as I get it. Hope you all have a very happy Easter weekend!

Much love...Sue

FNHL-Relapsed April 2014

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Dearest Sue,

I am so sorry to hear this latest news. Not what you need right now or ever.

Since you are batting 2 for 2, I am praying that the docs will give you a bit of time to settle in after the move and then give those pesky tumors a MAJOR grand slam outta there!!

Wish I could just pop up to help you get settled in after your move. Maybe I need to take a small trip north Smile. I could use a vacation right about now...

Biggest hugs and much love,


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Hi Lisha,

 Actually we have the move covered with plenty of help,but I'd just like to have a week or so to settle in and at least let the dust settle. I can't imagine anything so "dire" is going on that a week or so delay will do any harm. Tell you what...AFTER my treatment is done and we are all settled in, we can plan a visit. That would be a blast! In the meantime, you need to be hugging and kissing on your new grandbaby! Take care my friend...all is going to be good...I have faith!

Much love...Sue

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Hi Sue and Lisha.  Sue, I'm sorry to hear this latest news - dang it.  If I lived near you guys, I'd join you for a visit.  Hopefully they will allow you to have some time to settle in your new place.  Thinking of you



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Thanks guys...not the best news with the cheek node, but hopefully chemo will put it in check. I've had the lump in my cheek for at least 8 months and all of my doctors knew about it, so I think they dropped the ball on that deal, but I'm just focused on beating it back instead of who didn't do what. Rocquie...we are moving 2 1/2 hours away, aprox 121 miles. At the moment I will continue with my doctors here, but if we find something closer to Hood River, the plan could change. Thanks for the concern...all is going to be ok. Smile Sue

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Sue, I didn't know there was another spot, besides your eye, that was being biopsied. And now it is positive too. If you are meeting with Radiology, that means they are thinking radiation treatment this time? 

All this coinciding must be really stressful for you. Moving and medical testing are both stressful. And both at the same time? Arrrgh! But bless you, you have such a good attitude. You really are a very special person.

And about this move. . .I don't know how far you are going. Will you have new doctors and medical team? I know you are moving to another state but since I am on the other side of the country, I don't realize how many miles you are talking about. 

Keep believing and knowing all will be fine.

Hugs, prayers, and much love,



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I'm so sorry to hear that you have to deal with this again.  I hope you get your couple of weeks to get settled in before you have to go in for treatment.  Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


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We too are distressed to hear your news, and we know how you feel.  It is good that you are not giving in but determined to move forward.  I am hoping that you respond to the treatment, I think many lymphomas do respond well to relapse treatment, so we are hoping for the best.  I'm sure the doctor will let you wait.  Bill was almost 2 months before he got his "pills".  I hope you are not being caught in between with your insurance, I'm thinking your new one doesn't kick in until May 1.  That is certainly a bummer.  I know your attitude is a great help to your family.  If Bill had not stayed so positive through everything, I would be a basket case.  Of course our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Becky & Bill


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