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Scan Results in

marbleotis Member Posts: 715

Just got another all clear  on the scan results.  That never gets old, so I am 2 years and 3 months NED.

This continues to be a great feeling and the scan-iety is decreasing.

My best to everyone.


  • Trubrit
    Trubrit Member Posts: 5,536 **
    You've gotta know whats coming now...

    The happy dancing man image.


  • lp1964
    lp1964 Member Posts: 1,239 **

    Very happy for you!


  • annalexandria
    annalexandria Member Posts: 2,571
    Such great news!

    Very, very happy to read this.  From what I've read, getting past two years is the biggest step, so go you!

  • SilentRenegade
    SilentRenegade Member Posts: 123
    This is wonderful news!!! 

    This is wonderful news!!!