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Ipilimimab and Nivolumab Trial-!st CT Scan Results

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Got the results of my first CT Scan and was told no expansion and no growth of what I currently have which considering it was compared with a CT Scan taken 10 weeks ago and I only had one infusion is simply great. Next scan in May.

They had previously told me to expext some growth with the 1st CT Scan and that we wouldnt really know how it will go until the 2nd CT scan so these results are good news.

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Wonderful news!!!!


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Great start dancinbear!

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Great news & best of luck! Where is your trial site? Do you know whether this trial is still recruiting patients?

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I am not sure but the trial is across the country at different facilities. Mine just happens to be in Philadelphia and I really do not know if there are spots. I do know that they only have patients who have not gone through any other treatment other then surgery. So you need to be drug free. It is in Fox Chase Cancer Center in NE Philadelphia.


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Great news DB. keep the fight going strong.

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Good news and expect great news to follow. I know first-hand about the Nivolumab factor as John (one putt) is approaching his second year anniversary in the Nivolumab/Votrient trial and, after lots of reduction in tumor burden, he is currently stable. I think you mentioned earlier you were receiving the maximum dosage in the trial; what is that?


Also, I read with a smile your comments describing your first infusion and napping. I refer to John’s three week Nivolumab infusion as “nap day.”  The Benadryl that is added to the Nivolumab infusion pretty much guarantees lots of ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz’s,



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Are they adding Benedeyl for a reaction that he had? I do not think they add it to my infusions. They gave me some when I had a contrast reaction with a scan, but never from Nivulumab.

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The only other drug that I am taking is advil as needed for an orthopedic issue I am having with my shoulder, elbow, and arm in general. Most likely need surgery but have to put it off.


one putt
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Darron, I receive Benadryl with my nivolumab infusion. It is given , supposedly, to prevent nausea or some other reaction to the infusion. It has always been part of the phase 1 nivolumab/votrient trial that I have been in since May,2012. My infusion nurse told me it is not used in the newer nivolumab trials, probably because they no longer worry about adverse reactions from the drug. Alice is right though, it does make for a great nap.

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     Hope the results just keep getting better and better!

                                                  Prayers for good health!


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On the wings of those first CT results you can have a great spring! (Love your name, by the way - Dancnbear. Reminds me of a song we loved to sing to our daughter when she was a little one. Called "Dancing With Bears.") Anyhoo, the fact that you take Advil caught my eye in the previous post. I was told to stay away from ibprophens (sp?) like Advil because they are processed through the kidneys and if you have only one kidney that's not good. Maybe you haven't had a nephrectomy. I don't know. But I just  thought I'd pass on this bit of info. I was told to take Tylenol.  Happy for your good news! Keep smiling!

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