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blkjak's ct update

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All of his tumors have shrunk. And there are a lot of them! So the bladder cancer chemo is working, indicating that this might be a transitional cell kidney cancer. The results were great for only five weeks of treatment. The dr said that they rarely see shrinking this early...usually if it's going to work they see stable this early on. We are so happy that something finally after almost a year is showing some promise. The kicker?! This treatment was my idea. Based on research I did after the dr mentioned the pathology showed a certain type of cell. I don't think I'll get a cut of his payment though!

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this is GREAT news and yes, it goes to show just how much being proactive and relentless works with cancer and particularly, complex cases.

Quite an update!!!


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That is great news! Your hard work paid off!



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Great news..!  Your efforts have brought great results..!   This sure can be a roller coaster... glad you are on the winning side... hope it stays that way..


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Dr. and Mr. Blkjak



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That is the kind of story I love to hear. Thanks for making my day!

Gotta love shrinkage!!

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That is fantastic news! I know how scary it was when the testicular treatment didn't work. So, this chemo is a different one then.  I cannot believe that in the end YOU are the one that had to point out what to try! But I am not surprised.  I applaud you!  Here is to hoping Mr. Blackjack gets rid of all of them and is NED!  xx Hugs!

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to all advocates! Sure makes a difference.

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Congratulations!  I'm so happy for you and your husband. 

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CHICKEN DINNER!!! Much better than any 21!

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BlackJack... would you mind sharing what type of cell they found and what chemo was used for it? I think it would greatly help others who might come here to do a search for it! Thank you for sharing! ;)


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What an advocate you are for the MR. GREAT NEWS!!!!  You guys have been due for some; keep it coming. . .

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Thanks everyone for the nice comments and the support! You have all been so helpful and kind for the last year and we appreciate that more than we can say. 


Angec - the pathology reports have all said kidney primary, but the last one mentioned urethelial cells. That is what I used to start my last round of research, and I found that this should be treated as bladder cancer. He is getting two drugs ifor chemo - gemcitabine and doxorubicin. Let me know if you have any other questions. Keeping my fingers crossed that this keeps working! 

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I have thought of you both often, I am so pleased to hear your news, at long last it sounds like your tenacity has come up trumps. You have battled so hard, relentlessly searching for a way forward, what a wonderful reward.

Keep the good news coming, all the best:)


Djinnie x

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Great news Blk! Have often thought about you and yor husband. Glad to hear good news

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