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Need advises for my husband's lung cancer stage 4

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Hello everyone,

Just a new here in this forum. My husband was diagnosed last week of lung cancer stage 4, spread in his liver, right lung, &  lymp nodes.

Asking your tips and advises on what food suppliments he can take and a good diet.

Doctors said there's no cure anymore. We are waiting for the result if they can give him a chemo in pills.

Please help. Thank you all.

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Like his life depends on it, because it does! Now more then ever he needs to eat SUPER healthy. Look up super food. There's all kinds of into on them. Super rich in vitamins and minerals. FRuits and veggies are a MUST. More veg then fruit. Lean meats, a well balanced diet. Portion size goes out the window with chemo. Eat what he can hold down if he gets that sick. I ate anything and everything during chemo. I could not eat for days at a time due to feeling so sick. It's hard to force yourself to eat when you feel so sick. But ya gotta try. I pray for you and your husband.   

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Thank you rdn2blazer for the reply :-)

Thank you for the prayers too...

My hubby trying his best to eat good, a little portion but he eats. I hope he will regain his appetite again.

Thank you for your message, it helps a lot that someone also cares online,

aside from my family and friends.

God Bless.



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Many live long productive years with good quality of life.  His diagnosis is almost identical to mine.  I had lIver, right lung and lymph mets.  Forty months ago I was told I had ten months to live.  So when I tALK about quality of life stuff I am talking from personal experience. This is no longer an automatic death sentence. 

Since they are looking to see if he can take a pill rather than do chemo and radiation I am thinking that he is likely to have adenocarcinoma and the pill they are looking at is Tarceva.  They are testing the cells to see where they broke down and the dr thinks he has the EGFR mutation.  This is actually a good thing as it opens so many treatment options.  Good things being relative that is.  

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Thank you dennycee for your beautiful message.

Great to hear from you from a fighter.

I really hope its a good thing.

Im still searching and want to read more about patients who took the pill and get better.


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Hand in there.  My husband was also diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, malignant pleura effusion, with mets to lymph nodes and liver.  They said he had 8-12 months.  They put him on chemo Taxo/carbo for 6 treatments.  After the 1st 3 they did a CAT scan and it was a "complete response".  Same with the last one 4 weeks ago.  Miracles do happen.

As for the diet, I wish I could tell you my husband ate healthy.  He has Coronary Heart Disease.  He eats a bag of Tastycake donuts every day!  I have tried to get him to eat healty but his idea is eating one thing healthy a day is good.  So I am not convinced a good diet is the key.  I believe a positive attitude is bigger than anything else.  And faith in our higher power.

Good luck to you.  I know he is going through a  lot but I am having trouble getting over these panic attacks.  Any other spouses having this issue?


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