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Next step

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Good morning,

My wife was diagnosed with MCRC on January, 2012.  She was first diagnosed with stage iia on Septembermber, 2009.  The mets have been on the lungs at first.  A new CAT scan shows growth on the head of the pancreas.  The new growth was tested and it was confirmed to be mcrc.  We are heartbroken and are seeking a 2nd opinion.  We live in CT.  She has had surgical treatment at Sloan Kettering for some lung nodules.  

My question to whom  may have experience something similar,  what was your protocol?  Along with the growth on the pancreas, she has a small nodule on one of her lungs.  No other activity was noted.  I have contacted Smilo Cancer Center with Yale Hospital.  I'm waiting for a call back.  I would appreciate any point of view.

She is 51 years olds and in good health otherwise.  Our current oncologist was the person that suggested a 2nd opinion.  He said that he could start her on the conventional treatment, but other centers may have clinical trials for which she may be a good candidate.  He said that one a treatment started, she would not qualify for other options. 

thank you,


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I would look into surgery before any treatment or trials.

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I asked about surgery, but was told they need to treat it systemic.  My understanding is that, it is because it is not in one organ.  

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What a hard spot to be in.   I can not even begin to imagine the amount of anxiety and frustration the two of you are experiencing

My situation is not as your wife's so I have no idea about treatment.  

There may be opportunity in revisiting MSK or at least getting a second opinion as was suggested.  

Wishing you and your family all the best.


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