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2 Years NED Today Jan 31,2014

marbleotis's picture
Posts: 715
Joined: Mar 2012

Wow - officially 2 years NED today.  For a stage 3b / signet cell - that's not too shabby.

Go me!!!!!!! I think I will celebrate a little tonight!

My best to all!

LivinginNH's picture
Posts: 1458
Joined: Apr 2010

Congrats!  NED is certainly a wonderful word to hear.  I think a night of celebration is definitely in in order!!  :)

All my best,



Posts: 2215
Joined: Oct 2011

Not too shabby is right. Congratulations. 

Trubrit's picture
Posts: 5510
Joined: Jan 2013

As a celebration gift, you can choose which smiley that expresses your joy the most. 

The Go You smilie 

Happy spinning man 

Or the Happy Dance man 

or all of them. HA!


devotion10's picture
Posts: 631
Joined: Jan 2010

Raising a shot glass ... I am not as classy as Cyn ... mine will have to be tequila.

Peace. ~ Cynthia

Nana b's picture
Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

I'm with ya!   I love the dancing icons. I hadn't seen those. 

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