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another yr passes with love

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Hello everyone,

Well it's another yr. older for me today.  I woke up with a card waiting for me on the table from my husband.  As I was reading it something slipped out of it on the table.  A beautiful ring.  He is incredibly sneeky when he wants to be.  (I am so blessed to have such an incredible man beside me) 

I have alot to look forward to this yr.  and am not going to let a minute of it pass without realizing how wonderous it all is.  Looking through a new pair of rose colored glasses and they fit perfectly !  We are under a blizzard warning this morning (of coarse...hee-hee) the day I was born it was the same.   I intend on eating one of the roses on my cake, and enjoying every bite. 

Everyone have a wonderful day, be safe if your in the line of fire with this storm.  Hugs sent !  Katie  

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Happy Birthday to you and many more.  Send some snow my way.  We have the cold just need the snow.


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Have a wonderful year ahead!

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and many many more!!  I'll bet you've experienced many blizzard warnings on your birthday during your life, huh? Laughing  Was thinking too, that maybe the resemblence between you and my mom runs deeper than just a resemblence.....she was an Aquarian, too.


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Katie (my daughter's middle name), Happy Birthday to you and I hope you celebrate many, many more!    Take time to smell, and eat, those roses!



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katie, i hope this is the best birthday you've ever had!!  i'm glad you were blessed with such an awesome husband.  I couldn't have made it thru without mine, that's for sure.  you should post a pic of the ring, i'm sure its beautiful.  praying for you to have many, many more birthdays and blizzard warnings and a cozy home to stay warm in while you celebrate....lol.  Happy Birthday Katie!  enjoy the roses.

God bless you, Katie!



ps, Sharon, we have snow here and i'm sending ALL OF IT TO YOU!!!!!!!!


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Happy Birthday!

Enjoy this day and every day.  What time do I show up for cake and candles?  I have got snow tires.

I’ll be looking at life through “Katie glasses” this year.


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So glad you posted. As we get older every year seems to fly by faster and faster. At least one day a year we can pause and spend a few moments reflecting on our lives and how much we can be thankful for. As cancer survivors we may do that more often than most but it is still super nice to ponder one more year of living. Happy bDay dear Katie!

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I gotcha on Facebook so I had to come on here and wish you again a Happy Birthday. I just leased a new  SUV so my tires are good in the snow but I may have Matt pick me up so we can discuss ice cream flavors to go with the cake (with the roses). Enjoy your day Katie don't allow this day to go as quickly as the other 364. I learned in second grade that if you watch the clock time seems to stand still. I was brutally honest with the Teacher when she asked me why I kept looking at  the clock and told her I couldn't wait for school to end. She made me sit in a chair under the clock and watch it the rest of  the day. That was the day that time stood still for me. On second thought don't spend the day watching the clock, spend it being Katie.

Enjoy the day


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Happy Birthday Katie.

All the best!!


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Happy day Katie!  It is my Birthday as well :)  If I have learned anything this past year, it is truly about living each and every day to its fullest.  Enjoy that cake and watch the blizzard from inside!   

sending lots of blessings your way!

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What a special surprise! Please do take a picture for us. Happy Birthday! Send me some cake.  LOL

Happy Birthday to you Sunshine, also.



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Happy Birthday Sunshine !  Hope you had a wonderful day !  Hugs sent !  Katie

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I hope you have a wonderful Birthday...it sounds as if you already have Wink Aquarians...an awesome bunch! Tomorrow (well, I guess we have celebrated all weekend really...) we celebrate Pat's!


Posts: 1914
Joined: May 2012

It was truely a wonderful day !  Bless you all !  Katie

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seems like I'm always a day late & a dollar short~~glad you had a wonderful day

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It's Katie's Birthday....





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