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Talcum Powder

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I heard a guy representing the Goldwater Law Firm in Scottsdale, AZ last night on TV.  He was looking for people who had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer who had used talcum powder.  He said it could be Johnson's Baby Powder, Shower to Shower, or any other brand of talcum powder.  He was implying that the talcum powder caused the ovarian cancer.  He didn't say where you had to have used it on your body, but I assume he meant using it in the genital area.  I am a three and a half year UPSC survivor, and since UPSC's supposed to be similar to ovarian cancer, it made me wonder if there was any relationship between UPSC cases and talcum powder use. I may have used it once or twice, but certainly not enough for it to have caused my cancer.  My cancer had spread to both ovaries, the omentum, and the ilium and was stage IVb.  I wondered if anyone else on here has heard about a study on this.

I also heard on my TV news last night that the FDA is studying caramel food coloring.  They had done a study on it before and had declared it safe.  But now they're looking into it again since Consumer Reports claims one of the chemicals that goes into it can cause cancer.  The coloring is in a lot of sodas and is also used in some foods. I did drink a lot of soda with this coloring when I was young, so I found this interesting.  I'm sure all the sugar in the soda didn't help matters any, either. 

I thought these were things we should all know about, whether or not there turns out to be any truth to this information.   

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Here's a report about the original powder lawsuit http://www.dddmag.com/news/2013/10/jury-ties-j-j-talc-powder-ovarian-cancer.

According to cancer.org the may or may not be a connection. One study found 30% increase in risk of ovarian cancer in women using talc powder on their genitals; another study - 24% risk increase. Other studies found no link. Research is ongoing. http://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancercauses/othercarcinogens/athome/talcum-powder-and-cancer; http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2343974/Women-regularly-use-talcum-powder-increase-risk-ovarian-cancer-24.html. I don't think with what science knows today class action suit of ovarian cancer patients against talc powder manufacturers has merit. If you feel that powder is unsafe, don't use powder on your privates. I never did and I still got ovarian cancer.

Here's a report about Caramel Coloring 4-MeI made with ammonia shown to be carcinogenic in animals. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/216741.php. FDA is conducting new safety studies on the products containing 4-MeI, but noted it’s been studied for decades. The agency said it has no reason to believe it's unsafe. In this case I am inclined to believe FDA rather than CSPI, famous for shocking but unscientific accusations. Personally I don't drink Cola / Pepsi; not because of sugar or coloring, I just don't like the taste. 

With enough research money, a calculator and internet access one can show that anything is a risk factor for cancer and create mass hysteria.

According to Global Cancer statistics http://toxicology.usu.edu/endnote/Cancer-Global-Stats-CA-2005.pdf; http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.3322/caac.20107/full?dmmsmid=71827&dmmspid=19396336&dmmsuid=1908926 cancer incidence and mortality is several times higher in developed countries (North America and Europe) than in Africa and Asia. Do you know anyone who would move to Sahara to reduce their risk?

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Alexandra did a beautiful job on her response to your post.  I think as we got more "ready to use" we also introduced a lot of things that were not natural to our bodies.  Hey, just my two cents, everyone has their opinion.  However, I do try to do as little processed, pre-packaged as possible.

As for lawyers, well, with class action law suits, they are the ones who tend to make the money, not the average Joe.  "Tell us if you took this, did this, worked here and get your piece of our pie!"  Your piece is usually $2 - $200, certainly not enough to pay for anything you got as a result of any of that. 

Again, just my two cents. 

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I'm with you....LIVING IN OUR WORLD IS VERY DANGEROUS!  What happened to living more natural lives like many of our grandparents lives.  Didn'[t have all the sodas with artificial sweeteners, Wifi transceives emitting EFT's into our bodies, foods loaded with preservatives?????  I was a huge soda drinker and after my diagnosis stopped entirely.  Then started with water and one must be watchful of where their water comes from.  

Lawyers are out to make a buck and some are honest, but it's generally the dishonest ones make us all assume none are good.  I'd definitely be cautious of any ads on TV touting us to trust them and call.  

Today I'm all about not looking back to how I treated my body with all the crappy foods and environmental toxic exposures, but more about learning to change to a more healthy way of living.  Not easy, but with one step at a time we can make good, healthy changes.

 Love to all you warriorettes....and NEVER GIVE UP!!!


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