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Went for in diverticlitis scope, found cancer

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      I have sever diverticulitis that requires surgery, I have been hospitalized everal times with it and the section has to come out. So I went in for the colonoscopy so they could look around before hand, I had one five years ago with a few small polyps which was removed and clean.

      They found a lot of polyps and one was the size of from your thumb knuckle to the end of your thumb and was cancer, they removed it and I also had a CT scan and they believe they have it all, however, since they are removing a part of the colon anyway, they are going to go ahead up further and also remove the area that had the cancerous polyp.

     My grandmother had four girls, each daughter has had one of their daughters die of colon cancer....I'm the only that has thus far survived it. As much as I NEVER thought I would say this. Thank you Great Spirit for my Diverticulitis! I have to go in for consultation....do you think they can do it laposcopically? I also HAVE to get into a healthier die. I have so much to learn.

   I have also hear of a lot of botched laposcopically done surgeries......any info willbe greatly appreciated.


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Congratulations on finding it early.  My father and his brother and sister all had colon cancer.  My husband passed away from metastatic colon cancer almost six months ago.  I go for my first colonoscopy march 3.  

Dont know anything about laparoscopic surgeries.  But your situation sounds really positive.  Yaaaay diverticulitis.

Congratulations and please let us know how the surgery goes.  

Welcome aboard.


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Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but you are lucky they found that when they did.  Just like you said, thank god for the diverticulitis that enabled the cancer to be discovered.  I was like you when I heard I needed surgery.  I wanted laproscopic,  I didn't want the temporary ileostomy, I wanted the easy way out and I would have taken it if it was an option.  I ended up getting a 14" inch scar from my breast bone to my mommy and daddy button and a temporary a-hole on my stomach.  At the time I was devistated.  Now I feel gratitude and I feel blessed.  I would listen to my surgeon's suggestions.  If I didn't like what I heard I'd get a second opinion, but I would go with what made sense.  I'm proud of my scars and glad I had the surgeries I had, so far they've worked.  Good luck and please keep us updated.

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While laparascopic surgery leaves a smaller scar, open surgery allows your surgeon a better view, and the opportunity to manipulate your organs to examine them.  Recovery will be significant in either case, as they still have to do the interior work regardless of the opening size.  Discuss it with your surgeon, and see how they feel they would be most comfortable.  This is about getting rid of all of the cancer, and not an issue about an easier scar.

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