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Weird scan results. Any input before operation would be great!

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I recently had a CT with contrast where they noticed a few enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes. Has anyone encountered this? Now they are wanting to do a biopsy, via an excision. Meaning major surgery again and of course Scanxiety to the max. =(7


Chromophobe RCC  10cm

Open nephrectomy, left kidney removed in it's entirety. Clear margins.


NED 2 years, unremarkable scans until now.


Ty for reading!





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Sorry I can't add anything or answer your question. Maybe someone else with some knowledge will speak up.   I do know a little about chromophobe, as my son had that subtype two years ago. He was 34 then. Hope you get an answer.

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Nor I Rebecca I'm sure some one with more knowledge will post soon. Hang in there.

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Hi Rebecca,


Basically that condition/observation can be due to a range of things, but as it also can be an indication of metastic disease then their wish to do a biopsy is only logic. I know that information wont dampen your scanxiety, sorry :-(

Try to find some comfort in the fact that this can be due to a number of things, and not necessarily something related to your RCC.

Good luck.


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Mesenteric is the location of the lymph nodes, in your abdominal region. Yes, as Gary said, it can be cancer related. 

Trying to think more positive, the location of the nodes also makes it possible that the are swollen from an intestinal issue or abscess and your lymph nodes are fighting the infection. (Since you did have major surgery, this is possible)

Try and be positive, not all medical issues are cancer, just because we have cancer. As a stage IV patient, I know how hard that can be, hang in there. Figuring out what is wrong is the first step in making it better. Don't exhaust yourself while you wait to figure out what you need to fight. 

Thoughts and prayers will be with you.

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