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is it cancer or not

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Here I go again. Four months ago a CT scan showed an area on my liver which was "suspicious". So next day an MRI then an ultra sound.  The gaggle of Oncolonist decided I needed a bioospy. So I wait a week with the usual fear knowing  that this time if true I'm not going to fight cancer anymore. The cost is too much. Anyway four months ago I go to the hospital put on the back-less thing they give you; put the IV in your arm and then lay there for six hours. Finally, the radiologist puts his ultra sound on me and can't fnd the suspicious area anymore. Seems in a weeks time it disappeared. He says sorry I can't biopsy something that's not there. Go home. My CEA which has always been the best indicator for me was lass than 1. Now four months later here I go again. There is a suspicious area and I must get an ultra sound tomorrow before our afternoon meeting. I was feeling pretty good that this time would be a breeze. What a fool. I've completely turned around. I think this time it's likely cancer and for me my life will end soon. I became especiaslly suspicious when they wouldn't tell be my CEA. They claimed they should have my CEA by tomorrow. Funny it's never taken longer than 48 hours in the past. Just so you know in the last six years I've had nine CT scans and they have been wrong 60 percent of the time. So here I am again a long term survivor with my friends who has traveled the same path as I. The doctors you must learn to never trust; the cures are always worst than the diease; and only a fool says he's not scared to death every time there is a test which never seem to end.  Well tomorrow will tell the tale. Best of health to you all. Lou Swift

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You have struggled so much ... your feelings of distrust toward your doctors and feeling that the cures are always worse than than the disease ... understandable. At a certain point it just is too much.  I hope that the years that you have had since your diagnosis have had some moments of joy for you. I also hope for you that the results of your tests are not as you fear. There is nothing to say to take away your pain and despair ... I just hope you can find some peace.


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I know this whole process is really hard.  The tests and scans are not always accurate (I've experienced that on many occasions), and the doctors, although I do truly believe that they do their best, are overworked in most cases, and simply don't have all the answers.  It makes the whole cancer journey even more challenging.  

Pls let us know how things go, we'll be thinking of you.

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Hi everybody. I needed to talk to somebody after all that has been goin on in my heart and my heart, Firstly, I must say " well done to all you lovely people. You have been brave and God will continue to hold your hand thru this journey."

My brother a 42 yr old beautiful man, perfect in every way has recently married after years of studying and achieving his dream as a scientist. He has lovely little girl and a good wife. he has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer with mets to the liver and the scary thing about all of this is that he showed no sign of cancer until he started to complain about feeling bloated. I am so scared because my parents are old and my mum of late has also become as emotional basket case with her hormone imbalance. What am I to look for when I care for him. He has lost about 25kg since August and he can only eat a tiny bit of food and thereafter find it difficult in digestion and can maybe eat hours later or even the next day.

He has gross ascites and a very distended abdomen. Recently his ankle started swelling and his skin has started looking pale. He also complains of Pain in the shoulders on both sides. He has constant constipation and can only pass stool with laxatives. His CEA is 68.4 as opposed to normal adult with 0.0-5.0. He has mutiple hypodense liver lesions in both lobes.

Can you please help me understand what is really going on with my brother as the doctors are so hesitant to start chemo since 26/11/2013. Todays doctors appointment gave him little or no hope when the doctor said that a resectomy would not be possible as there is multiple lymphnodes and surgery will just complicate things. the doctor today didnt want to say much.

Can u please tell me where we are with all of this. If this is going to be a sad time for my family sooner than we expect then I need to prepare them for this and I need to be strong enough for them. Please help me as I feel so lost in all of this. Medical terms and mathematics is confusing me and I dont know to think or feel.


Thank you for reading my babble as I now feel a little relieved that I have emptied some of what has been clogging my heart.


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There are many here that would like to help you by offering advice and comfort but you need to do one thing for us first.

Please post a new message of your own that is not attached to this one. You can just copy this message and place it there.  This way your message will not get lost in another thread of conversation, but will have the indvidual attention it needs.

Peace. ~ Cynthia

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