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Chemo Postponed - Still Effective?

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Alas, my labs were all too low for them to go ahead with my scheduled chemotherapy this morning. This would have been the 6/12 dose of FOLFOX, and I find that I'm quite upset by this development. I wonder why my body isn't responding well enough to replace the necessary cells, and I also wonder if the chemotherapy itself will be as effective if it is postponed a week. Does anyone have any insights? 


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I wouldn't be too concerned. Low blood counts is common as it is common to delay treatments. I have had delays in treatments several times for various reasons. My oncologist never expressed any concerns for a delay in treatment.

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While chemo is not really something to look forward to, once you get yourself there and ready for treatment, it is disappointing when it is postponed.  My husband's chemo was postponed twice - in fact after 5 Folfox, they discontinued the Oxy since he ended up in the hospital with an obstruction that cleared itself.  They determined the cumulative constipation from the oxy caused the obstruction.  Then they gave him another week or two to recover.  Better to be healthy enough to "get poisoned" than have a severe health reaction if your counts aren't good enough to start it.  Do something special for yourself today that you woulnd't otherwise do on a chemo day.  You'll feel better about it by tomorrow


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My platlets were too low I think between 5 and 6 so I waited a week and back up they went.

Our entire body is affected by chemo.  It is really heavy-duty stuff.  Rest alot you will be ok

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At my 5th Folfox treatment my counts were too low.  Being III C I thought there goes my chance of survival. I ended up going 3 weeks until my blood counts went up and skipping the 6th Treatment But a wonderful chemo Nurse told me as long as one gets 80 percent one gets the benefit.  I ended up at the 10th needing a shot to boost the counts and reducing Oxy on 11 and 12 Treatments because of liver blood tests too high. I feel so fortunate to be here Year 3.5 NED.

It was helpful to keep track of blood tests to help protect my liver. Wishing you well as you complete your treatments.

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This is very common.  It happened to me on dose 5 and then every one after that.  I'd wait the two weeks between treatments and get the blood test the day before treatment and if too low would wait one more week and do the shots on that week to boost counts.  My treatments were drawn out that way, but gave my body a chance in between treatments.  It's still effective.  It's hard not to be disappointed though, I've been there and know how you are feeling.


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Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and advice.  I try again tomorrow and hopefully my labs will be in good enough shape to continue forward.  And then hopefully it will all work and this rotten cancer will never recur.  Please?  Pretty please?

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