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CEA roller coaster

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Well this is my 5th time on chemo since I was first diagnosed in 2007.  My CEA levels seem to keep bouncing around this time (see below).  No sure what to do. I'm KRAS positive, so that limits my choices. I've maxed out Oxy (thankfully) and have been on Xeliri, but it doesn't seem to be very effective.  Been thinking about going back to 5-FU and the pump (yuck!).  Got a CT Scan scheduled for the 17th and amy trying to get into see the surgeon.  I want to push for cytoreduction, no HIPEC, with Dr. Lowy at UCSD, as my HMO refers patients to him and I've seen him and like him a lot.  I plan on using Laz's source for testing chemo effectiveness should I have live tumors.


Has anyone had similar results, usually I'm on a straight downward trend?  Thanks, Traci


Cycle 1 - 18.6 CEA

Cycle 2 - 15.9

Cycle 3 - 18.4 (cold, diaherra, no irinotecan or avastin) - maybe the cold caused the initial spike?

Cycle 4 - 21.4 - not taking all three drugs made it worse?

Cycle 5 - 15.2 - back on the downward trend

Cycle 6 - 17.2 - up a bit, not sick or anything, maybe a bit tired from the holidays

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Mine has been doing the up and down thing too.







So don't feel alone,  hopefully the scan will put you at ease!  I'm glad you at going for a surgeons appt, that's always good to hear.  I'll have to look up cytoreduction, I haven't heard that one before.

Thinking of you,

Winter Marir

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Although it's good to know I'm not alone!  Cytoreduction is just a surgical procedure going trhough the abdomen with a fine tooth comb looking for tumors.  It's the first half of HIPEC surgery.  Hope you find something that works for you!  Traci

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I had surgery at UCSD with A. Lowy in June 2013.   The facility was great.  He is a terrific surgeon and his staff cares.  The follow up was incredible.   I walked over a mile 36 hours after my surgery. I had a colon resection, 2x  sm intestine resection and 20 mets removed.  They kept me balanced with the pain meds and I was eating about day 4.  They are a little conservative with the food. lol I was hoping to get HIPEC, but I had to many mets for HIPEC to beany more or less effective.  Now nearly 7 months after my surgery, I am able to walk 7-8 miles in the mountains at about a 8:30 pace per mile.  My first colon surgery I was not able to walk 2 miles until about 5 months after the surgery!


You are in Great Hands with A. Lowy!

We will be out there in 2 weeks for a follow up and new tests at USC with Lenz.   Schedued so far, CT/PT, Medical Biopsies of the mets, colonscopy, and a follow up with Dr. Lenz.  It will be a busy end of Jan for me.  My wife is going to take a vacation and we will be able to just relax this trip.

Best Always,  mike 


PS   My CEA was 1125 when I started my cancer journey.  It has came down and stays around 2.0 now.   CEA is not the end all in diagnosing cancer.  Don't get to caught up in the numbers.

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I see my HMO surgeon on thursday, finally!  Had my CT scan last friday and another round of chemo.  CEA back down to 15.3.  I'm hoping to get to see Dr. Lowy again, keeping my fingers crossed or that.  It's a busy week this coming week.  My husband has 2 procedures to find out why food keeps getting stuck in his throat causing him to throw up and I see my surgeon.  Will post again after the appts.  Traci

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