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Unsure of stage of lung cancer

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Hello everyone!!! I am new to this and have a few questions. About a month or so ago my mother had a bronchoscopy because she had a spot on her right lung. After that she wasn't the same. She then went to the er about 3 days later and found out she had pneumonia. She was let out of the hospital 4 or 5 days later. Well 2 or 3 days later we went to the er again this time her lung had collpased. She stayed for about a month also due to infection. Today is the first day home and I'm scared. While we were there everyone doctors and all said she was doing much better. They never told us what stage or anything about the lung cancer. She started her chemo while there and has to go once every 3 weeks.

We are scared because I got her discharge papers and looked up the words (Dyspnea and Pleural Effusion). These things says it is for advanced stage cancer and the survival rate is less than 1 year. Never once did the doctors tell us any of this. I do not want to tell her b/c im affarid. I'm lost and do not know what to do. I am an only child who lost my father I do not want to lose my mother to.

Can anyone please give some encouraging words or something this is killing me softly. I affarid when we go to her chemo treatment to ask questions b/c I dont want to hear any bad news. What should we do?

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 First of all don't pay any attention to what you read about survival rates anything that you find will be old information.

treatments are improving faster then they can complete their studies. I would ask at the next appoint about the stage.

If you are worried about your mother hearing try asking the nurse if you can speak to the doctor alone before the appoint.

I have stage 3B lung cancer and I would be very upset if my family keep any information for me. But I'm sure that you what is best 

for your mother. Good luck and I hope that everything goes better for you and your mother .

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You know sometimes the internet will have you thinking the worse. I am starting to think that it may be better to just enjoy each other and keep it pushing.


Thanks and We wish you the best to. We all will get through this. With God everything is possible.



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My pleural effusion occurred almost a year after treatment ended.  That was over two years ago.  I was given 10-15 months when diagnosed and that was more than three years ago.  

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Thank you so much... they never told us any of this. They always said she was looking better and brething better. None of these terms were told to us directly. That gives me hope knowing this... thank you so much.

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