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Did anyone try Dendrobium, Clove Oil, or BX Antitoxin? Pete43lost at sea - are you there?

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Hello all,

Never posted before. Tried ALA with LDN and vit C - did not work.  Stage 4 colon with metastatic to liver, inoperable. Last treatment SBRT to liver, 40 grays in 5 sessions in August 2013. Did not do 3mo scan, will do 6mo PET/CT in mid March. Currently on Hoxsey.

Added to Hoxsey regimen Dendrobium, Clove Oil, BIRM  and thinking about BX Antitoxin (see testimonials on You Tube about BX and their website too). Anyone tried any of the above? Are there more people who tried GcMAF successfully?

Happy New Year to all -





pete43lost_at_sea's picture
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Dear vilca

Ldn contraindicated gcmaf therapy. 

Ala vit c Ldn is a good start. A lot more to do.

Sorry conventional is failing you. Life and our time is precious and the Window to achieve healing cl oses fast and stays shut along time.

I am friends with macro ruggerio. I trust him. He heads the new gcmaf clinic in Switzerland.  That's the best place for advanced gcmaf treatment given late stage.

I am well and here.  Eating my maf314 yogurt now and extras and had gcmaf goleic shot iv today. My cea is rising despite immunotherapy.  Gcmaf still on my list. I am looking into Nanog inhibitors and reviewing everything.

Consider colonchat for alternative therapies for colorectal. You might Google removab and epcam And Get A Quote Hallwang clinic. 

Goodluck and pm me anytime. Just sharing my experience. I hope it helps and that the conservatives one day can answer this riddle

What does the flu and cancer have in common ?


I am very interested in preventing flu and no flu vaccine for me. Mercola wisdom again and again. He also suggested the ketogenic diet. 



Ps the rgcc molecular test the best on earth. Nothing in USA comes close thank god else they would charge 20k rather than 2k.


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Hi there,

Thanks much, Pete, for responding and lots of valuable advices - will research all of them. But right now, according to my research, BX Antitoxin could be the best new thing to try. I have conference call with the cheif of the program on Skype in a week, then will decide, it is not a simple thing to do, but a home based program and has incredible testimonials on YouTube, etc. It kills everythin toxic in the body, viruses, etc - even people with pancreatic cancer get out of the bed. One subcut injection a week. For a late stage takes a year, for others even faster. It is Canadian invention and works only on membership, I found out about it from a Canadian pharmasist who is one of our Hacienda neighbors. Anyway, look into it, I will.

Also, did you try phonix tears oil, whatever the spelling is, do not want to write you know what word here... I ordered seeds from Spain, for a special high CBD content that works for cancer, but am afraid to plant on my property, since we have a gardener and a cleaning lady, both Ecuadorians. I do not know if it worth the risk - do you know of someone who is being helped with M.Oil? Gosh, such a great thing for people's health and is still prohibited in Ecuador....

I did not think you are still on GcMAF - did your mets go away and you are clean, with the exception of rising CEA?

Best, vilca


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Can you provide more info about BX Antitoxin? Have you started the protocol?

I am using cannabis oil. I can't comment on its effectiveness, but have heard great things from people first hand. I think it's worth a try and helps calm me down and help me sleep. 


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Here is their web - http://www.bxprotocol.com/bxantitoxin.html  - it is worth to read it. No, I did not start it yet, still thinking about it, but both personal testimonials and YouTube testimonials are very impressive. It seems to me that it does not work only when patients have very large tumors, volume wise. The destruction of the tumor is faster than body;s ability to get rid of dead cells. Otherwise, they do Stage 4 successfully even when patients are on the death bed - at least, it is my impression from what I've heard and read.

I am surprised, but now Cancer Tutor has info about it too - http://www.cancertutor.com/bx_antitoxin/#.Usy1ybB3vVU . They did not have it even a few months ago when I was checking Cancertutor web last time.  And a year ago when I first heard about BX, it was almost no info about it, but just the BX protocol website. They do not advertise, it is only word to mouth, b/c of legal implications, I believe. And that is why membership too, I guess... plus they need their case studies, I think... Will know more after my conference call on Jan 16, but when I looked at the New Member Orientation, it is a lot to do - first month, prior to BX administration, a raw food diet plus detox, enemas, oxygenation with an oxygen tank,  etc. When the body is clean, you start BX injections. From the first look, seemed quite complex to me, but need to really concentrate and read/watch again. The whole year you have to report back to them each week and be under the supervision of their stuff. Hope4Cancer clinic does it too. But the whole thing has been developed and is done in Delta Institute - they have a few locations, one was in Cancun, and now I hear that another one is in Panama.  Need to read more myself, all I know so far it works against bacterias in cancer cells. You will see the info and understand why I am not well familiar with it = too much info and presented not in a simpliest way, I'd say...

Best, Vilca



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