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Appointments tomorrow

Phil64 Member Posts: 838

I'm going in for a couple of follow-up appointments and for a CEA test.

I had an ultrasound as a follow-up on testicular cancer. I didn't think this would be a worry but just read the US report. Said I have a small cystic focus on my left testical. Just when I have a good chance for a remission with crc I have to worry about a recurrence of tc?  

I also will will have CEA tested as well. First time in a couple months. I'm hoping this will be low.

I also meet with the colorectal surgeon as a follow-up on my 12/2 colon resection. I expect to get a letter allowing me to go back to work. I've been out of work recovering all December. I don't know if I'm mentally ready to return to the grind. 

Happy New Years to all.


  • devotion10
    devotion10 Member Posts: 623
    Phil ... you try not to

    get ahead of yourself ok my friend? I know just where you will be tomorrow and will be thinking the best for you when you have your appts at the Cancer Center. Have you ever been to the big ice hockey game at the Big House? If not, you must next year ... and also see the Puck Drop. This seems to be a new tradition here at New Year's Eve. Strength to you. 

    Peace. ~ Cynthia


  • thxmiker
    thxmiker Member Posts: 1,278
    We are sending our thoughts

    We are sending our thoughts and praers for a positive outcome Phil!    Wishing you the best 2014!  


    Sometimes taking a little extra time to reover for ourselves is a good thing.



    Best Always,  mike

  • joemetz
    joemetz Member Posts: 493
    thinking of you


    I'm thinking about you and prayin' for you.

    thanks for this update...keep us all posted.

    I agree with the mental state of getting back to the grind.  I go in streaks where I want to be at work, then when i say to myself... why do i want to get back to work?

    keep pushing on Phil. and keep us all posted.



  • fatbob2010
    fatbob2010 Member Posts: 467
    Be Strong


    Try to take things one at a time to avoid being overwhelmed.  It is easy to get ahead of ourself's when there is so much information coming at us all at one time.  

    Thinking of you and hoping for an update soon.