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Major Colon Cancer Fear

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Hi guys,

I know this is a board for CRC survivors but I figured who better to ask than you guys if I had a major fear about CRC.



Im a 20 year old male and I am overweight. I am in the process of losing weight in hopes of beating my health anixety. Lately (For the past week) I have been having major stomach pain to the point im doubled over and blood in my stool. It looks like a red racing stripe down the side of the stool and is accompanied by blood in the toilet. Last night I went to the ER and they did a blood test and a CT scan with IV contrast. The ER doctor said my FOBT came back positive but he figured it would since he saw red blood when he did the DRE. He also said my blood was normal and my CT scan was normal so he figured that the bleeding was coming from the colon or lower. He couldnt feel any kind of hemmorhiod (sp?) or fissure so this did nothing but make my fear of colon cancer worse as he stated that I needed to get a colonoscopy ASAP. I keep reading stories of people my age getting colon cancer and I just convinced myself that I have it. 

So my question is, what are the chances of me actually having the aliment that I obsess about? 

Also, In your opinion, is it normal for a cancerous polyp to bleed everytime I have a movement? 

I Know you get asked this a lot but I dont have insurance and Im trying my best to gather all the information I can while I find somewhere to get help. 



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The way you feel is normal in situations like this. You took action when a lot of people would wait for months and I applaude you for that. You do need a colonoscopy as soon as possible though. Me telling you not to worry won't help you much, but gathering all the information will. It's unlikely that you have cancer this young, but anything is possible as you know. There are many other things that can cause symptoms you have and the best way to take care of it is the colonoscopy. 

I wish you quick resolution to this problem and please let us know.


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It may just be hemmoroids. I have them and some are pretty far in there. They bleed if I strain too hard. I had to get a colonoscopy to check and see if it was cancer, but it's not. My brother has rectal cancer, so I have to go more often now. Take a deep breath, it may be something simple! Good luck and let us know how it goes.


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Moved my response to your duplicate message.:)

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Hello everyone....i was just told that i would have to consult with a oncologist after my colonoscopy i am 39 to 2 young kids 4 and 8...i am terrified,lost, confused, unsure...please, if anyone can give some sort of insight to this...it wld be greatly appreciated

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Just like we said it above, get all the info and once you know what you need to do you will feel better. Uncertainty is the worst. It is normal the way you feel now. Everybody starts out like you and then things get better.

Let us know what you were told next.

All the best,


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