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Update on Kathryn_in_MN

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Many of you newer members may not know Kathryn as she had not posted here much recently.

She was diagnosed with cervical cancer and 2000 and colorectal cancer in 2009.

What is special about Kathryn is that not only has she fought her own battles, she has been very proactive in her state and nationally in bringing awareness to colon cancer.  Just this past year she received an award for her efforts at a conference in Washington, DC.

Kathryn has been in the hospital now for 15 days and is hoping to go home tomorrow.  She is now too weak to do any more treatments.

Please send your prayers, good vibes, etc. to her and her family.

Please read about Kathryn on her member's page her on CNN.

Marie who loves kitties

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Sending positive vibes, good thoughts, and ((HUGS)) of healing and comfort to Kathryn.  She is a warrior of the highest order.

Sounds great that she will be home for Christmas!!


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on Kathryn...have followed her story and supported her journey over the years. Not on facebook so joined here hoping to get any news. I know how she was looking forward to her family all coming for christmas and so hope she can enjoy it in some way. Thank you for any updates.

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The last post she made was about 11 hours ago, stating she is in hospice and spending her last days with family, that she gets dizzy and sick when she tries to read or write, but she welcomes visitors to stop by the house, that her family is taking good care of her.

It is so heartbreaking.

Winter Marie

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I hope you get to go home tomorrow and can rest.  Thank you for advocating for us!  Thanks for alerting us Marie.

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I'm really sorry to hear this about Kathryn.  She has been such a fighter for many years.  I hope she gets home for the holidays.

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Thanks for the update. I also remember Kathryn very well and I am sending prayers and wishes. Good to hear she will be home for Christmas and with family and friends.


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I read on CC that she has a 3rd primary cancer.  Unbelieveable :(   Kathryn has been awesome about answering my questions about bone mets.  She has been through so much.  I hope she feels well for Christmas.

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she has been a such a valuable and active individual for the colorectal community.  In the midst of all her challenges, she gives so much of herself. I wish her and her family peaceful, loving days together. ~ Cynthia

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I, also, read about Kathryn on the colon club and updates I receive for her caring bridge site.  They suspect she has cancer of the duodeum (hope I spelled that right).  I think thats that small intestine, I was a bit confused reading it.   Her kids are scheduled to be in for Christmas and she was so looking forward to that and hoping she would feel better.  She was taking a break from chemo to regain some strength and resuming after the holidays.   I was so hoping she hadn't updated in a couple weeks because she was busy preparing for the visits and enjoying herself and getting her strength back.  

She is really struggling my friends so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. 

Hugs - Tina

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You are so good to keep us updated on people. Much apperciated.

I do so hope that she is well enough to enjoy her children. 

It is so hard to hear of our friends suffering. 

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My thoughts are with you Kathryn, I hope that you find peace in the days ahead. 

All my best,


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Prayers are on the way.  She has had such a battle and sometimes I'll get on her blog because she doesn't post much here anymore.  Hoping that she can come home before Christmas. 


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Has gotten home in time now for Christmas Eve and Christmas, hospice has been a God send so far from what I've read.  She is surrounded by family for the Holidays and has Angels bringing her food, gifts and sending cards.

Merry Christmas Kathryn!!

Winter Marie

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I read on the other board that as mentioned above Kathryn is at home with no further treatment and hospice. One of her good friends said that she "does not expect to live long". Very sad  ..praying for her and her entire family...such a tough struggle for all of them.

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My heart is breaking. I can't take seeing good people losing this fight anymore.

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I wish you and your family peace. ~ Cynthia

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I'll always remember Kathryn when she first joined and told us all she was a type A personality:)

She has fought long and hard....congrats on ur awareness recognition:)

May your days be full as you wish them to be....peace and comfort with love are my New Year's wish to you, Kat:)


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Will be praying for her!

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Many have been here and Kathyrn will be one of those to be surely remembered.

Strength and comfort to her family.


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