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Happy Birthday LivinginNH - 20th Dec

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May your day bring you joy and happiness. 


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Another year...another birthday.

May you feel the love of each of us as we give you 'virtual' hugs to celebrate your birthday.

May each day of the next year be a bit brighter than the day before.

May your thoughts be of the good and wonderful days in the years of your life.

Hugs and love,

Marie who loves kitties

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A special Happy birthday to you!   Enjoy your cat .

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Wishing you peace on your birthday and all this season.

Bug hugs~AA

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I wish you all the best! :)

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Awww, thank you my friends.  :)  I'm 29 - AGAIN!!  ;)    My co-workers gave me a cat themed birthday; I got cat cards, a cat calendar, a santa holding a cat, and my favorite one which will drive my bosses crazy - a cat clock that meows every hour!  ;D    Now why do they ALL know that I like cats!!??    ;D


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Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and hope that you get to do something special.  Glad that your work helped you celebrate and that is a cute santa with the cat.  Enjoy your special day.


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Hope you are having a warm, safe, & Happy Birthday!

Luv Ya,


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Happy Birthday Cynthia!  Hope you have a great day. 


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Peace. ~ Cynthia

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wishing you a very happy birthday Cyn....best love, mags

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Happy Birthday Cynthia!   May your year be blessed with many great memories and many more Birthdays to follow.


Best Always,  mike

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Wish you a happy birthday and holiday season. Mine is tomorrow. No wonder we get along so well!


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Happy Birthday dear!  You and my grandson Preston are almost the same day.  His was the 19th.  

Wishing you a good day and many more to come!!!

Winter Marie

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Thinking of you Cynthia.  It's still you birthday here in Hawaii and I am hoping you have a good year. 




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Happy birthday!

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