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Not the Christmas Gift I was expecting from Santa!!

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I was admitted into hospital yesterday for severe abdominal pain, this culminated my having a scan with contrast. I had only just had my six month scan back in September, which showed a clear result on my kidney. Anyway! yesterday they were unable to determine the cause of the pain but they did discover a new 1.7 cm tumour on the old site and two lesions on the back of my kidney.

I first had kidney cancer ten years ago when living in the States, after moving to Fance I was having my kidney monitored every year. The results were always clear until an MRI in January 2013 when a 4.5 x 3 cm tumour was discovered, obviously missed for over three years. This recent conflicting result is a little like déjà vue, I am beginning to lose faith in the process and the ability of the radioligists. I know that with smaller growths it is often wait and watch, I just hope if that is the case whoever is doing the watching is blessed with sight in at LEAST one eye this time!!! I am seeing my surgeon next week, so hopefully he will know what's going on because I definately don't:(






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Djinnie...i just don't know what to say?  You poor thing and just before Christmas too.  I am here if you need me......thinking of you and praying for you too.


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Hey Eims, 

Thank you for your kind thoughts, I will be in touch soon!


Djinnie x

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Everyone has been getting good reports this week! I am so sorry! These stomach pains were a blessing in disguise though. Divine intervention. I hope your surgeon appointment goes well.

Keep your chin up!

You are in my thoughts and prayers.



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That you have received a not so nice Christmas surprise. There have certainly been some very mixed results for everyone on this board over the last few weeks -  some good and others not so great. You have always been so postive and caring to others and wanted to let you know I am thinking about you.

Take care and hopefully you can still have a pleasant festive season.



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Oh my DJ... so sorry to hear that news... Hopefully there will be a good game plan, and you can again move forward.  I will say a prayer for you... Time to try and relax (easy to say hard to do) through the Holidays.. and then put on your fighting gloves..  We are all here for you...


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Praying for you Djinnie!

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Thank you all so much for your supportive comments, I really appreciate it. I haven't quite accommodated this news, I am still walking around with a face like a slapped bum! Not the most festive of looks!

 None of this makes any sense right now, but I am sure all will unfold over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime I will make the most of my Christmas! I have a turkey to roast, Christmas Pudding and mince pies to eat, crackers to pull and silly Christmas hats to wear, you can't enjoy all of that when your down in the mouth can you?


Djinnie x


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The battle continues. We seem to always have something mess up our progress. It does seem that the tougher we are, the more frequent the challenge. Sometimes this met thing gets old. Fortunately we hang in there and deal with it as we await our new treatment to keep us upright. Djinnie, you are as tough as they come. Don't let it slow you down. I know you are one who can handle it. Good luck, Fox.

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Sorry to hear this news and am rooting for you to get this behind you asap.  You are a great support and inspiration to all on this board.  It's good that it has been picked up at a very early, small stage.  Of course you are feeling bummed, who wouldn't be, but your pain which took you to hospital may have been a blessing in disguise.  Sending you healing thoughts.


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     I have to agree with you about the reading of the scans!  I had great scan in October, and Mets to the brain found in Nov.  It does make you wonder about who is reading our results!  I have had all my cyber knife treatments and now have some pain in upper left thigh, I will be seeing the Dr on Dec. 31.  What Fox says is true, we get over one hurdle and we are then faced with another.  I am fighting this nasty cancer with all my mite and soul, as you know you will also do Djinnie!  You and others have given me courage, love, and prayers to fight and reason to live my life to the fullest!  I am wishing and praying that all will go well for you Djinnie and to let you know that we will always be here for you as you are for us.  Be strong, fight, and smile that beautiful smile, it will only help to make you feel better!

                                                                  Love and prayers for good health!


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brenda how did they find mets in your brain if you don't mind me asking??  its really not on that they read scans give you the all clear then decide well actually no you need to come in!!!!  

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Thanks Fox and Brenda for your support, and thanks Scottie, it is so nice to hear from you!

I took my records to my Surgeon in Vannes yesterday, I was due to see him next week but he saw me straight away. He, unsurprisingly is very puzzled by the the result of the Scan which was completed by my local hospital. His team are going to compare all of this years Scans and give me a decision early next week. The point is obviously one of the results relating to the recent Scans is wrong! No prizes for guessing which one I am praying for!



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I might be more worried if it were anyone else but you, Djinnie.  You are quite possibly one of the strongest women on this board, in my opinion, and if anyone can handle and even beat this, it is you!  Your wisdom and words of encouragement have helped each and everyone of us and I know if it were me reporting this news, you'd be among the first people to offer support and tell me it would all be OK.  So, now I will tell you...it will all be OK.  You just have to practice what you preach and stay positive.  Stressing out will not change the outcome. 

Do not let this steal your holiday joy. 

I will be praying for you as I anxiously await more (better) news next week.  We are all pulling for you, girl! 



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I truly hope they've made a mistake, and the correction is in your favor.

Thinking of you.


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Really sorry to hear your news, thinking of you and hope you enjoyed Christmas despite everything. Youve always been so supportive of everyone else on here, a true inspiration. Hib x

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Billy's Wife
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You are now on my prayer list.

Best wishes,


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