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40 Year Old Kidney Cancer Survivor (2001)

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My name is Jim. I had just turned 38 when I was diagnosed in 2001 with Stage 1 RCC. My wife had just lost her 40 year old brother 4 months earlier to cancer (melanoma) and it was a very scary time. As with many people, it was caught by "accident" by a family nurse practitioner (my HMO doctor quit -3rd one in a year) who ordered a ultrasound for what we thought was a hernia due to a shooting pain down my leg which was unrelated. I had a "radical nephrectomy" and they removed my right kidney in January of 2001. I was back to work by March -- and have had no recurrance. So for those of you out there with this disease, please know there is hope. Many people survive and live a healthy, normal life!

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Thanks for your msg. I had my right kidney removed this Fib 13th. I am just starting with this. I am 47 and you are right it is scarey. I go back to my cancer Doctor this Tuesday and I dread it. Jim Parrott

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Jim was the cancer metasis ./. ???

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means that there is no mets. Small and contained in the kidney. Nice! Wish we all were stage one. Good for you!

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