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Experience with Dr. Med. Michael K. Stehling, Anyone?

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My Dad was 75 and is diagnosed to have Prostate Cancer, and we will be travelling to Germany to have it done there. It's just this Doctor was reffered to us by PlacidWay a Medical tourism company here in US and I trusted their referrals as I had experience but its in terms of cosmetic surgery. I just want to know if anyone has experience with Dr. Med. Michael K. Stehling of Prostate Cancer Center. Thanks! We will be travelling by January 2014.

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Dear Monica


Welcome to the board.

 I live in Europe and in several occasions have investigated on centres treating prostate cancer but never come across of Dr. Stehling clinic.

Recently I have been looking for a centre of excellence for image studies with PET/MRI machines and found the Radiology Institute at Technische Universität München (in Munich), where they have the sophisticated Siemens PET/DW-MRI. This is supposed to be the latest in innovation to detect small PCa tumours.

You have not shared much detail on your father’s case or on the reason to choose Dr. Stehling clinic for assisting your dad but I find it strange that you are simply following the suggestion of a Medical tourism company.   Yell   Cancer treatments are quite different from a cosmetic surgery; Are you seriously caring about your dad's problem?. I think you better consult a PCa specialist in the USA and decide after getting proper diagnosis.

According to data collected on Dr. Stehling practice, I found that he is a radiologist experienced in MRI analysis. His clinic specializes on focal therapies using a novel method named IRE (Irreversible electroporation). I believe therefore that his recommendations would be biased through his expertise.

If your inquire on his clinic is due to image studies, I would suggest you to chose a place with the best available system. If the intent is due to a defined treatment with the IRE therapy then I would advise you caution because this is a newer therapy with no published data on the risks, side effects or outcomes in PCa treatment. In any case, both purposes are available in USA. IRE is done at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Here are some links that may be of interest to you to get a better understanding on the above;






Best of lucks in your dad’s journey.

VGama  Wink


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