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Very, very weird occurrence today

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I woke up this morning and something was different, not bad but something was definitely not usual.  The feeling lasted all morning and was nagging me until after lunch when I finally hit on what it was.  I DIDN'T HURT.  First time in almost two years that my throat didn't hurt.  Pain has been advil class for the last three or four months but it was just so weird not to hurt that I couldn't figured it out. Slight pain has come back this evening but who cares.  No pain for half a day, amazing.


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Did you quit smoking, drinking or eating lots of salsa?  If not, then it must be you are, like many of us, are on the multi-year, slow healing plan.

I am continually getting little gifts of healing.  Maybe what the H&N veterans tell us is true, it just takes time.

Congratulations and have an Advil on me (as needed).



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Hi Joe I am glad to hear your pain is getting lesser and lesser. The body is an amazing piece of machinery in that it has the ability to heal itself sometimes.


Wishing you the best in life


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Glad you had a "wierd" experience! Hope things keep getting more "wierd" for you...LOL Wink


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That's great news...keep it coming!

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Whoo hoo for you!  It's amazing how long it takes for stuff to begin to clear up.  I swear if my ears ever stop ringing, it'll scare me....LOL.


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It was just so strange that I couldn't figure out why I didn't feel, well "normal" (or abi-normal as the case may be).  Hasn't happened again, but I'm sure it will.

Phran, as for the ears ringing, my ENT said it's forever.  Once the nerve endings are gone, they're gone.  Mine is really annoying, mostly at night as I just don't seem to notice it during the day.  I can't hear worth a damn though.  I bought some hearing aids and they help some, but in restaurants I'm just almost deaf.


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I have hearing aids to - thank you cisplatin.  Anyway - the key to the restaurant is to sit at a corner table - or one against the wall.  I try to sit on the outside, and then turn that hearing aid off.

For the ears ringing - I take allergy tablets (i.e. bendryl - no decongestant) every night - to get tired enough to fall asleep with all the noise.  I've been doing that for 5 years.

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