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I just had my port in today. I have a Ct, PET, and MUGA ordered for this week. Will the radiation/magnetic feilds be okay for my body to have with this port inside of me? Also concerned about my first chemo appointment. What will happen? How will it make me feel during? I know I need to stay positive and quit worrying, but it is really hard not knowing what to expect. If the tests reveil my cancer might be at a higher stage I might have to have a bone marrow biopsy. It hurt when the doctor only pressed where it would be. I'm so scared. I have nodular sclerosing. I prefer not to be on medication for anxiety due to my beleifs. I'm not sure how to create an about me/ profile...

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Hi Heidi and welcome to the group.  Sorry you have to be on this site,  but you'll find supportive and caring folks here. 

Everything you are feeling right now is very normal and scary and please know you are not alone.  Please know hope is very alive and well here!  Lymphoma is very treatable and even curable.  I am now two years in remission from Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma and I still have my port.  It's become like a part of me now so I hardly pay attention to it except for getting it flushed and going for my scans.  The port should not interfere with your scans, etc.  You will learn to appreciate having it versus getting your veins stuck all the time for lab draws, chemo, etc. :).

Regarding the chemo, it depends on the protocol you are on and that depends on the type and stage of the lymhoma so I'll address that later when I get more information from you.  It would help if you provided more information as to the type of cancer/lymphoma you have, type of chemo, etc. so members with similar experiences can help out.  Also, you might want to fill out the "about me" section of your profile so we can easily reference that information.  Read some of the discussions and "about me" sections here.  They will help too.

If you haven't discussed anti-anxiety medication with your doctor, I highly recommend it.  For me, it kept the "Worry Monster" down to a dull roar most of the time and helped me sleep better.  You can't be positive all the time and you do have to process this bad news so don't beat yourself up for having very normal feelings, Heidi.  I can promise you this will all get better.  It won't be a picnic and you will have your good and bad days but you will get through it.  You have freinds here.  Please feel free to come here with questions, just to vent or offer support when you feel up to it.

Give yourself a big hug!  You will get through this and you will find you are much stronger than you think.  I'm sure others will chime in soon.

Big warm hugs to you and yours,





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As Jim noted, no one can say much about your chemo until you state what chemo you will be using. There are around 200 FDA-approved chomotherapy drugs in the US, and no two are identical. With Lymphoma and Leukemia, almost everyone uses a combination therapy of several drugs at once:  "CHOP," "ICE,", "abvd," or somwething similiar.   Your oncologist will tell you what these are.

It would be odd if you did NOT get a bone marrow biopsy; to get one is almost universal in lymphoma staging.

Ports are perfectly and completely safe in a CT and PET scan device, and while receiving therapeudic radiation.  You will receive numerous scans during the course of your treatment and follow-up.  Do give us some more SPECIFICS about what strain of disease you have and what drugs you will receive, for responses tailored to what you are facing.

Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving,


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Hello Heidihoseer:

My experience has been quite different.  I have B Cell Lymphoma which has been treated by a series of Rituxin infusions every six months.   I am going through my last set of 4 infusions right now.  I have done well thus far but am very nervous at the moment wondering what the future will be.   I agree with you:  it is really hard not knowing what to expect.

I can tell you my experience with the bone marrow biopsy last year, when I was diagnosed.  The doctor gave me the generic of Oxycontin pills.    The  biopsy did hurt, but was bearable.   If there is a next time for me, I will ask for light anesthesia.  It would be better.  I was told that anesthesia could only be used in a hospital setting and I was in a Cancer center.  So, you could inquire about that, if necessary.  

Jim has given you some very good advice.

Keep in touch.


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