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Son in Law is Home

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I've mentioned a couple times that my SIN has been in Afghanistan serving our country and just wanted to let you know that he has made it home safely today.  My daughter and grandkids are just beside themselves.  Our daughter and grandkids are going to make just a huge adjustment to him being home since he has been gone more than home - please send some prayers, goods vibes or well wishes there way.  It's going to be a bitter/sweet adventure for all.  Thank all of you that have tried to remember our troop members in their prayers.  You are a special bunch.  Thanks for your support.  I'll keep you posted.

Hugs Kim

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Yay!!! That is sooo good to hear! I'll definitely cross all my fingers (and toes) that everything goes awesome-possum!!! Yay! :)

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Thank you hun.  Your figers and toes crossed was always a winner in my book Smile.  Glad to see you posting again.  Just remember that mom is always looking down on you just like I'm sure my mom is also.

Hugs! Kim

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That is good news,it will be a special ajustment for all.I will be crossing my fingers,and saying prayers.

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Thanksgiving will be very special for you this year, so happy when a soldier comes home safely.  Please give him and your daughter a big thank you. 

What branch is your sil in...I said soldier, just taking a guess. 

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I'm so glad to hear that your SIL is home safely. Please thank him for his service (as well as your daughter and her family). Laughing


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Kim that is awsome news.  One of my very best friends is a psychologist Kim...he retired and then decided to go back to work primarily with our troops returning from Afganhistan.  We have a Canadian army base about 20 miles from our city. Kim I am just commenting and  honestly in no way suggesting your SIL.  Just sayin lots of these fine fine young people need a helping hand when they get home.

Praying for smooth sailing for you and your Fam Kim.....better start making those pies!!!


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I am so very glad your son-in-law arrived home.

Reuniting after a lengthy absense is difficult for all...fitting into an established routine...having another voice in decision making...changing mindset from survival to enjoyment of being home...so many adjustments for all.  This is one of the things which the general public doesn't think of..

It would be great if the armed services offered a "coming home" program to help the families readjust to the changed circumstances...happy as they may be to be reunited.

I hope and pray that your daughter's family will find their way through these adjustments without too many bumps in the road.


Marie who loves kitties

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Thank you for your well wishes.  He is in the Army and they do give them a 7 day "detox" kind of thing but I'm not sure what all is involved.  He will only get Thanksgiving off and then back to the destabilizing process (or whatever they call it).  There is a big adjustment for them coming back after such long periods of time and I'm think that they all should have some type of lengthy counseling afterwards.  He finally gets three hot meals a day now - something he didn't get over there so he is loving that - plus the McDonalds Wink

Hugs! Kim

Cathleen Mary
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So happy that your SIL is home safe and sound.  May the blessings outweigh the challenges. I guess 'new normal' applies to a lot of situations. :) 

Enjoy Thanksgiving!



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Nana b
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Awesome. My son in law is home too. It's always an adjustment when he comes home, fitting him back into the daily routines. 



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I am so glad he is home safe and sound.  I know there will be a lot of adjustments on boths sides and I'm happy to hear that the Army is taking into consideration the big adjustment it will be for your SIL and doing some debriefing help with that instead of just here you go, good luck and God bless.

im sure you're right that everyone will need some help with the adjustments and hope they get it.

But it's so terrific he got home to his loving family and in time for Thanksgiving.

And a big thank you to him for his service to our country.

Winter Marie

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Great news to hear your son in law made it home safe, what a super Christmas this will be.

I pray for smooth adjustments,  love conquers all, and with patience life will be good for the family.

Please thank your daughter and son in law for the sacrafices they both have made for this world can be a better place for all of us.

I am facing my own chalenges, daughter still in much pain and ill, and me  facing a new surgery so I am not able to help her family as much as I am doing now because I need to look after my own healing.

My prayers are with you, Hugs,



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I hope the transition is smooth, and that it's a wonderful reumiom for all of you.

And tell him thank you for his service to our country.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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