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Advice needed, please

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I am 15 months out from the standard treatment for UPSC, stage 1a.  I just had a 3 month check and everything was ok except my pap smear was unsatisfactory because there weren't enough cells.  My dr recommends waiting to repeat it in 3 months.  Out of my 3 previous paps, 2 were ascus (HPV negative).   I would like to hear how my peers would deal with this.

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if this happened to me I would ask the Doctor does he/she see any issue of repeating this test now.  I would explain that I am not comfortable waiting until then.  I have used this approach a few times and through collaboration and discussion had a good compromise.  Had one MRI inbetween Cat Scans and had a second radiologist read a Cat Scan. I have found that the Dr shares their perspective and many times is open to other ideas if we diacuss why and why not.


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Hi Connie:

I know how scary this can be.  On my last check up, I got a call saying that I had ASCUS.   Then they did the HPV which came back negative.   All I wanted to know is that after almost 18 days, how did they get a sample to test for HPV?   I just had my 6 mo check up since then and I am waiting for my current pap smear results.   There was only one other time that my pap came back with ASCUS and that was when I had finished Bracytherapy treatment and I believe it was the following month.

Just a side note, please note that if you use any kind of lubricant (i think within 24 hours) of your pap smear test, that sometimes that could alter the results too.

I will let you know what my results are when I get them.   

Also, when I went to the doctor last Friday and I mentioned it.  He said it was no big deal.  (????)   



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