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News about Sundanceh (Craig)

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Craig's wife has shared that he was again hospitialized...complications from the appendix surgery.

He is home now, but she is not sure things are resolved.

Please send your love, prayers, good vibes, etc. his way that he may soon be recovered from this and back to being able to fight the cancer.

Marie who loves kitties

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Nana b
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So sorry to read. Hope he is taking care of his disability forms.  

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I hope he has a speedy recovery and all his health issues get resolved asap!

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i know his body is getting tired my prayers are with him as always.Craig you are the Lion and you can do this hang in there bud you know you have alot of peeps that care for you...Godbless...johnnybegood

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My thoughts and prayers go out to Craig and his wife.  I hope things resolve quickly and you're back on the road to recovery.  Traci

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You've been through so much.  My thoughts, hopes, prayers and hugs out to you and your wife.

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My heart just sunk when I read the subject line. Too many sad events these past three weeks have made me gird up my loins for more bad news.

I am sorry that Craig is suffering even more, and my thoughts and prayers are with him. 

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So sorry to hear Craig is having more problems - I've been stalking his page to see if he's at least quietly visiting with us.    Prayers and positive thoughts that he's feeling better very soon.  Thanks for keeping us informed Marie - with everything you are going through, it's especially nice of you.

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Even in the midst of your own sadness, you're thinking of others.  We really appreciate that.

Poor Craig.  I wish he could just get a break for a bit.

Hugs and love being sent his way~AA

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Sad to hear about Craig. Praying for his speedy recovery.


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Marie thanks for posting in the midst of your own sorrows.

Craig please get better soon buddy. You are always in my prayers.

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Sorry to hear about your troubles.  Time to dig deep once more. Hang in there!


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Had been anxiously awaiting any word from him.

My fellow Texan, hope you will soon be getting up, dusting off, & back in the saddle again. Love you & sending you strength.


Mama Wolfen

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Get well soon Craig. We need you around this place. I hope everything goes well for you.

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I hope he gets better soon.He has had alot of problems,so it's time he got a break.I will be praying for him.

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Get well soon...

My hope is that you feel better soon and that this apendectomy will finally decide to cooperate and heal !!



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Who said.....

"One Break - Comin' Up!"

Thanks everyone for your replies!  It's good to still see recognizable faces in my life.....I'm in the shadows these days, but am trying to follow as much as I can. 

We're taking things day by day.....hope things will go right now and can get this episode behind me now....cancer treatment will be resuming when we get this to some sort of getting off point.

Appendicitis & Peritonitis is no picnic, that's for sure.

I'd like to open a post one of these days soon....it's been so long.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop in and say thanks and wish you all well....glad you all got your mags and enjoyed them.  Looks I timed that right:)  Got 'em out before I went down:)

See you 'round this water cooler later:)


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Welcome back.  I'm glad you are home from the hospital and hope that your recovery is speedy.  Hope you feel better soon.


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it's so good to see your shining mane showing up on a post! We've missed you.

I'm glad your back out of the hospital and hanging in there tough!

i took your article into my oncologists office and he sat there and read the whole thing, then he smiled and said go Billy!  It was kind of nice sharing you and talking about your determination with him.

here's to a speedy recovery Craig!

luve and hugs,

Winter Marie

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Get well soon!


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I cannot turn my back for abit or you are up to no good. I have learned that when our Lion does something he does it full throttle

as of appendicitis was not enough he had to do one worse.

craig please take good care, rest and take it easy and heal! That is an order, hang in there we are all praying for you.

dutch hugs, Marjan

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as I find my way back to the board ... you must be here, so get well soon. Peace. ~ Cynthia

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It is so good to hear your voice again Craig. Hopefully you are about to make a turn for the better. I am looking forward to that post that you mentioned.

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Sending all my best to you Craig ... keeping you in my thoughts and wishing you to have a wonderful holiday! You have been through enough already! Comfort and peace to you and yours!

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even if it's just a "quickie", makes us happy, so please keep popping in when you can!

Hugs and strength coming your way~AA

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As your photo icon indicates... you're the king of this jungle here on CSN.


thank you for all you've done for all of us.


and, in return, we're all praying and pulling for you every step of he way.


I want to be here for your 5 year anniversary of this dredded disease.





pluckey's picture
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I am so sorry Craig

A break, just a nice extended break from all this crud....you are so deserving

I gotta pray harder



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... so glad to see/read you. Was away for 3 weeks of vacation and am just reading all the post and all what happened. Phew, much going on. Hope things will go well now!

A hug from germany


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My wish for you is a break, not just a tiny break but a really nice long break.

Sending love for Thanksgiving to you.

Your posts really helped me through some rough times.

Please take care of yourself.

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Hello Craig,

Glad that you are recovering. Our prayers are with you.


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I am so glad to see you respond.  I love when I see that lion.  It makes me feel stronger.

You remain in my prayers.



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Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you!!!

thxmiker's picture
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We are sending more thoughts and prayers your way Craig!


Keep up the good fight!   

Best Always,  mike

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Sending a cyber hug and wishing you all the best!  Take care!


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