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Experience with surgeon in NY

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Does any one had experience with Dr David Samadi in NY. I was told that my case was going to be difficult and need the most experience surgeon.

Gleason 8 and 7[ 4+3 ] and perineural invasion in 2 of the cores. Thanks for your help

hopeful and opt...
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I am in CA. and I have heard of Dr. Samadi. He is a world class surgeon. There are also other world class surgeons in the NYC area.

I wonder what the involvement of the cores that are positive that is what percent of the core is cancerous? How many cores were taken? Did you receive a second opinion on the pathology of your slide by a world class pathologist?

Have you had a Tesla 3.0 MRI by an experience facility to help determine if there is extracapsular extension. (This MRI has high definition and is a great diagnostic tool).

If there is extracapsular extension and the cancer is outside the capsule you will be well advised to have another treatment such as radiation. The radiation treats a great area than surgery. Basically the surgery treats localized cancer, and another treatment such as radiation will still be need. The side effects of both treatment types are cummulative.

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