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Radical Nephrotomy

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MY Father went under Radical Nephrotomy and below were findings in the report which i would like to know about:

Specimen consists of Radical Nephrectomy surrounded by peripheric fat measuring 18X15X8.Pheriphric fat can be easily stripped of from specimen. Kidney measures 

15X13X4.On serial sectioning a mass is identified measuring 8x7 cm occupying upper and middle pole. On surface mass is golden yellow to greyish white.

Capsule appears to be invaded by tumor. Normal tissue appears to be on other pole of kidney. 

Biopsy reveals a neoplasm composed predominantly of clear cells.The cells are arranged in islands,trabeculae and nests separated by dilated vascular channels.  The nuclei are centrally placed showing a small nucleous. The cytoplasm is clear. 


1. Extensive areas of necrosis seen.

2. Capsule is invaded by tumor

I have appointment with my urologist tomorrow.

Please throw some light.


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I'm sorry but can't give you any help reading the report. I can wish you luck at the appointment today. Don't be afraid to ask all the questions you have,once you leave the room it is to late. Let us know how you make out.  Ginger

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I assume you had your meeting by now and all the details explained, but in case that it got postponed I will try to give usable answer (not sure how detailed an answer you are looking for, so excuse me if it seems overly detailed):

The first numbers are the size of the complete specimen removed from your body, kidney including tumor etc.

The second number is the size of the kidney minus the fatty tissue/capsule surrounding it.

The third number is the size of the tumor inside the kidney.

The tumor is/was located from the top down to the middle of your kidney.

The tumor seems to have penetrated outwards through the renal capsule but not beyond.

The RCC type description Im not 100% clear on, but it sound like clear cell with a low fuhrman grade (fuhrman grade describes to what extent the cancer cells differ from normal kidney tissue cells, the lower the better).

Necrosis is tissue/cell death.

Necrosis and capsule invasion are negative prognostic factors, but you need your urologist AND an oncologist specializing in RCC to give you an in-depth description regarding your prognosis, Im not a doctor.


Keep us updated and ask if you have any questions at all...




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I just received a copy of my pathology report today, and your explantions also helped me a lot in understanding it.  

Hope the OP will chime back in and let us know how things went!

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...that the OP and his/her father currently have their hands full digesting the report as it had several independent negative prognostic factors :-(

I hope your own was a bit more on the positive side (seeing in your profile that it was a stage 1B, it probaly was).


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