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Swami's Supplements

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I was  asked on a different thread to list my supplements, so here it is.  Now, I have no idea if anything on this list will help, hinder, or do nothing.  I am not recommending anything to anyone.  This is just what I doing.


Daily 3x

Ampalaya      Capsicum      Malunggay    Mangosteen   Tumeric

Milk Thistle 1x

I get the following on line from GardaVita

Arthro 8       OsteoNourish         Mega MSM   Prostata    Resveratrol


Also I take:

L-glutathione    COQ10   fish oil   lots of D3 and vitamin c and copious vitamins   Flaxseed oil


Mood Enhancer

Natrol 5-HTP twice a day Releases Seratonin

Sleep Support - Schiff Melatonin Ultra works great for me

Beverages – decaf green tea and Guyabano Tea PH 7 drinking water

I also eat Guyabano every day

Breath Therapy – 3-4 sessions a day with BreathSlim

Urine Therapy – I drink my urine 2 hours after my noon supplements to recycle them

Baking Soda I drink 1.5 teaspoons of Red Mill Baking  Soda 2x a day

Works in progress – black seed oil, Marijuana Oil, ordered food grade hydrogen Peroxide to be added to water

Intensive Matrix  workout – two or three body parts a day with 15 to 35 seconds rest  between sets – also walking and swimming and sauna

Use Nouga pad for sleeping

Injections - Gerovital 3x a week and Vit B shot every month

There must be others I have forgotten, but I will update this as I go along.  What are your ideas?


Love,  Swami Rakendra

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Thanks for the list. I wonder if you indeed drink your urine "...2 hours after my noon supplements to recycle them...." Surprised

I appreciate if you list also quantities (mg) and timing when taking the supplements (after or before or with meals, etc.)



VG  Wink

Note; Is everything OK at Mindanao after the typhon?




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I take supplements with food.  I do not know herb quantities because I get them from the Naturopath and there is no informatiion

I have drunk my urine off and on for more than 40 years.  There is only anecdotal evidence for its value, but it has been around for thousands  of years.  Most drink the first pee of the morning.  Now, with all my supplements, it is a beautiful yellow color and quite sweet and tasty.  When illl in the past, I always drank urine.  You might google it.  There are deep spritual reasons as well.  It is about acceptance of your body, releasing judgment and being open to try new things.  I first started with mixing apple juice.  After a bit of time, i changed to drinking right out of the tap.

Mindanao never seems to suffer the typhoons.  And Davao, unlike most of the phils has hardly any crime because they do not arrest the bad guys here, the Davao Death Squad either kills them or they leave town. Google it, interesting story.  All ways living love always.

love, swami

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I´ve been taking resveratrol supplements, but stopped 2 weeks ago due to some recent informations, as you can see on links below (contraindications) http://www.mskcc.org/cancer-care/herb/resveratrol


and test result


So, I´m on "pause" mode waiting for update. If you have different information, please inform.

Health and joy


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Dear Swami

I did not know much about the theme of drinking urine and as your recommendation I searched and now I am surprised about the vast information uploaded in the net.
How far good are the claims on its benefits, leaves me stout?

They say that urine is a "purified" sterile drink but from the kidneys it passes through areas that may be "infected" with UTI virus (the bladder and urethra). I wonder what in fact did urine do to your body, but surely it was not bad because you are a young old-boy alive and kicking. At 83 you seem to be well and fit.

I got this article on drinking urine from today’s The Independent;

Another subject of yours another interesting thread. Keep them coming.  Kiss


VG  Wink

Note: Thanks for the info about Mindanao. I miss the grilled Tuna fish at General Santos.


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After trying everything and having everything and doing everything to small satisfaction, I started my spiritual trip, and very soon that became my sole purpose (outside of sex!!).  Drinking urine was a big leap for me spiritually.  Living in Maui at the time, there were many people drinking.  It was a combination of health reasons and spiritual reasons, but many people were doing the practice.  There were many who felt that there were definite curative reasons for doing so.  Spiritual growth is a process of letting go (releasing) and opening up to new thought.  Certainly urine drinking will test how much you are willing to open up and you will have to also release a lot of your judgements, and there is much, much more.

   At one point in Colorado, I had a very serious kidney infection that was not responding to treatment in hospital and I was told it would have to be removed.  I started to consume 5 grams of vit. C every hour and started drinking my urine every two hours.  I had very high fever.  There was improvement after 24 hours and the surgery was postponed.  Eventually I recovered.  Next, I have Thai  friends who are followers of an enlightened woman.  These are prominent people in BKK, but also very dedicated.  The teacher told them it was time to start drinking urine.  There was a lot of resistance.  I explained my experience, and they all decided to try the program.  Wonderful improvements happened.  Blood pressures went down, diabetes was helped and all reported health improvements.  These are people who have a very exclusive meditation retreat  at Khao Yii and  eat only once a day.  I can only say that I have seen only good events from drinking urine.  There are many, many friends who drink every morning. I cannot guarantee the health improvements for all, but there is no downside that I have ever seen.   I can guarantee that if you follow the urine program you will gain a huge amount of growth and possibly open yourself up to a new view of life.  When bodybuilding, I would recycle my expensive supplements by drinking urine.  I have drunk a lot in my life with only positivity.  Remember you can mix just a bit with Apple Juice and you will never know it was there.  And, I am an example, and all of my life I have been much, much younger than my years.  True, I do many other things as well, but Urine has always been a part of my program.

   Now, looking at Pca, why not give it a try?  It has been around for thousands of years.  Here is an interesting URL:  http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/UT/Urine.aspx


Good luck to all.  Love, swami Rakendra


 IMPORTANT:  I have just done more research on the above url, and there is a warning not to drink urine if you are taking medication.  But then there are stories about people who ignored the warning and had no problem.  I take my Bicodex in the AM, so now I will start drinking my first morning Pee which will be about 22 hours after the Bicodex.  However, it is very important if anyone is to start this for them to investigate and decide for themselves.  Thank you.

hopeful and opt...
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Pubmed is a medical site that publishes studies that have been done from various institutions and medical personnel. They are sceintifically done. There are millions of studies that are listed at this site.
  There are several studies published about individual vitamins. Here is one about multivitamins.
It is difficult for me to navigate pubmed. I tried to find an article that was published about a year ago. This ariticle compiled a consesus of the various studies that was done about taking vitamin supplements which showed a negative rather than a positive benefit for vitamins. I posted this informaton at this site, It is lost someplace in the csn internet space.
I was not able to find any studies that were done about the benefits of drinking urine at the pub med site.
Adv Nutr. 2013 Nov 6;4(6):644-656.

Recent Developments in Multivitamin/Mineral Research.


University of California at Davis Medical Center, Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, Sacramento, CA.


The 2010 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee was charged with the task of investigating the effects of multivitamin/mineral supplements on healthy populations and also on those with chronic disease. The evidence from which the committee prepared its conclusions was graded on 5 fundamental criteria: quality, consistency, quantity, clinical impact, and generalizability. The committee concluded that for the general healthy population, evidence was insufficient to make a multivitamin/mineral recommendation. On the other hand, the committee noted the value of some supplemental nutrients for at-risk populations such as iron, folic acid, and vitamin B-12. However, most of the studies referenced for the research used the conventional, all-encompassing, and oversimplified definition of a multivitamin/mineral as being a supplement containing 3 or more vitamins with or without minerals. In the few years since the committee released its 2010 report, several randomized clinical trials showing the benefits of daily multivitamin/mineral supplementation have been completed using supplements containing at least 10 or more vitamins and/or minerals, but there also continues to be some reports that do not find benefit from such supplements. Furthermore, several steps have been taken to advance the science behind these supplements so that consumers, physicians, and government agencies can all have more confidence in understanding the role of supplemental nutrition in the American diet. This review provides new evidence from 2010 onward addressing the committee's primary concerns about multivitamin/mineral research in regard to improving public health. It also includes several recent studies that may be of interest to future committees indicating the potential benefits of these supplements on improving the cognitive performance and mental well-being of healthy populations.





[PubMed - as supplied by publisher]


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