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Wonderful Cancer Retreat Center in North Carolina, and other resource suggestions

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Gyn sisters,

I want to share 2 resources:

There is a wonderful Cancer Retreat Center in North Carolina - Wind River.  www.windriverservices.org   It is a small, peaceful, special place - home of 2 amazing folks, Shannon and Dave.  They share their home to facilitate residential retreats in the Spring and Fall for cancer survivors - there is no charge.  Grants and donations help to fund the retreats.  Their retreats are open to people with all types of cancers - most especially those in or recently completing treatments, or having a recurrence.  It is a lovely, peaceful place with time to share, have fun, laugh, play, enjoy healthy food, nature, and special people.  I highly recommend it.   In 2013 they also ran a gyn retreat in Greensboro, NC which was funded by a grant through Athena's Run for gyn cancers.  

I'd also like to suggest that, for those who don't know, many cancer centers have support groups and counseling available for cancer patients/survivors and caregivers.  The Cancer Support Services, at Duke Medical Center, which include wonderful counselors, are free to patients of the cancer center.  It has been invaluable to me to have time with a compassionate professional. someone not in my family or circle of friends, that I can talk with frankly about a range of emotions. I'd recommend checking into services at the Cancer Center where you go, and/or with the American Cancer society for other resources near you.

Hope this is helpful for others.

Sungranny - night owl :-)

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I would like to add the Cancer Support Community which I have used since my original diagnosis in '09.  They're located in various cities and can be found via the link below.  When I was first diagnosied I started a women's therapy group every Monday morning.  It was one of the best supports I could have ever started, as we all know no one truly understands this disease until they've walked in our shoes.  These gals gave me support 24/7 and if it was a rough day for me walking into the group, by the time I came out of the therapy I felt great.  Something about mingling with others whom understand what we're going thru or whom have been there.  Definitely suggest this organization.  Everything is free from group therapy, cooking classes, yoga and zumba, lectures from local docs whom are specialized in this field, etc. etc.  


Best to all you warriorettes!!!!



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Cancer Support Community had a table at the Foundation for Women's Cancer seminars last weekend.  I was not familiar with them at all so it is good to hear you say such good things. 

Also, I couldn't agree more with you about no one truly understanding unless they have walked in our shoes...I think that is the thing I loved the most about last weekends race/walk.  There were so many below the belt cancer survivors.  We can feel so alone out here in our homes and towns, but together we were strong.  I am still moved by the inspiration of so many women wearing purple. 

I will have to check it out. 

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