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suspicious area 2 years later

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Hey guys.  I had renal cell carcinoma in october of 2011.  They did a radical nephrectomy and removed a 6cm mass which was totally contained.  They also removed 3 lymph nodes around it and a portion of my adrenal gland.  all test came back negative for the lymph nodes, renal artery, renal veins and adrenal gland.  Today I had my 2 year scan and they found a suspicious area where my kidney was removed.  Said it could be cancer in a lymph node, scar tissue residual.  My options are to do a biopsy of the area (which totally scares me), repeat another scan in a couple of months to see if it grows or go to a cancer specialists.  Anyone have any ideas.

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Hi Sue, do you have the report in front of you so you can tell us what it says?  Aren't you already seeing an Oncologist? If not then you should be.  I would definitely follow up with one asap and get clarification.  Did you have a ct scan of the pelvis, abdomen and lungs as well?  Why are they doing a 2 year scan?  You should be followed more closely, at the very least I have heard of six months, but two years is out of range.  Please find an RCC Oncologist in your area and let him take it from there. Sometimes surgeons tell patients that the cancer was removed and they don't need an Ocologist, but that is not true.  It can be scar tissue or sometimes a hematoma ( blood clot).  Please keep us updated, all the best to you!

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This is my third scan.  They were checking me every 6 mos and now once a year.  the ct of my pelvis abdomen and lungs are all clear except  that one area where my kidney was removed.  the report said their impression is limited without contrast since they didnt feel it was necessary so the impression is such: The clips are newly splayed with some soft tissue suggestive of some metatstatic lymph nodes measuring 2.4x3.4 and 2cm in the paraortic region suggesting metastatic disease, new.


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Sounds like scar tissue, but what do I know That is just a laymen's thoughts after reading these posts and studying law. Do see an oncologist. Probably nothing, but at 6 cm issues occasionally show up.

Again, probably nothing.



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