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Zaltrap queston.

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I did a search on zatrap side effects but did not get the answer I was looking for. Anybody ever been on zaltrap? How rough was it? Were you still able to work while on it?


Another question, My wife will be on the zaltrap and xeloda for her treatment, since folfox and folfiri with avastin didn't work for her. Has anyone ever been on just this combo before? The dr. said xeloda has a really big copay, how big? The people where she gets her treatment from have never heard of zaltrap, which I found strange. She will be the first one in that office to use it. Do you find that strange as well? Sorry for so many questions.

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generally for when oxi-contained chemo stops working or fails to work. No experience with it but wonder why onc not aware of it(also known as aflibercept) .....

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I think zaltrap is still fairly new so probably not that surprising that the staff hasn't used it yet.  I don't know anything about it, but I'm sure others will have some info.

For Xeloda make sure you get signed up for their co-pay assistance - if you have private insurance.  http://www.xeloda.com/financial/co-pay-program/

I hope she does well on it!

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did Zaltrap.  You could PM her and ask if she can give you some idea about what to expect.

I haven't seen too many people on any of the forums I read that have been on it, but as usual the Colon Club seems to have the most.  If you search "zaltrap" there, you'll probably find quite a bit of info.

I have no idea about the co-pay issue.  Seems odd that it would be larger than other chemos...maybe it's quite a bit more expensive?

Wish you didn't have to add the financial issues.  You have enough to worry about.

Sending some strength your way~AA

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Jen, I will definatly be looking into getting some help with the copay. I was surprised when the Dr. said we will probably have sticker shock when we see the copay amount. Why does all of this have to be so expensive? Thank you Jen. I hope everything is going well with your husband.


AA, once again you are a big help. I will send her a private message about zaltrap. It was kind of funny when I asked the dr if it was administered by IV or pill form and he had to look it up. She was supposed to start it yesterday but he forgot to order the zaltrap and the xeloda should come in the mail in about a week. I will keep everyone posted on how she does with it in case someone else has to be on it. Thanks once again everybody.

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I was on folfiri + zaltrap from October 2012 to April 2013. Then on Irinotecan + zaltrap for maybe two or three treatments in May/June 2013 and it nearly took me out - I'm positive it was the Irinotecan that caused me soo much grief. Now I am on Zaltrap only and the only side effect I have is occasional stomach cramping. This drug seems to be working for me but everyone's make up is different. it causes or amplifies high blood pressure in some people. there is also a black box warning but I have not heard of anyone at my clinic experiencing it. There are probably 10 of us on zaltrap with something else at my onc's office. Good luck to you and your wife.

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Sloan Kettering made a fuss about Zaltrap because it is probably the most expensive cancer drug on the market and apparently is not that much more effective than Avastin.  However, somebody earlier in this thread (can't see the other posts) is correct in that all chemos vary depending on our individual chemistries and reactions to it, so maybe it is beneficial to some and not others. 

I hope it works for your wife and all of you using it. 


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