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The Last Post !!!!

COBRA666 Member Posts: 2,401

3 times in the last month my post have been pulled because of political overtones. I was only trying to give everyone a heads up of what is in the future for us as far as health care goes. Needless to say I believe Freedom of Speech has been taken away as demonstrated by the post being removed. If I can't say what I feel then whats the use in posting at all. I  wish everyone the best of luck in the future with their health. Maybe one day they will find a cure. Let's hope so.  Best wishes to everyone. It's time for me to move on.  John


  • UncleBuddy
    UncleBuddy Member Posts: 1,019
    Best wishes to you!

    I have no idea why your posts were pulled, but I wanted to wish you the best.

  • This was a Cobra; when shall come another ? -- Wm Shakespheare,

    Hate to see you go John, but fully understand.  Watch a few episodes of Patrick McGoowan's The Prisoner for me, in memory of free speech. May it rest in peace. 

    (The caption is a paraphrase of one of the greatest lines in Julius Caesar.)

    NANCYL1 Member Posts: 289


    Politics?  Politics and the shutdown of the government caused Cancer Clinical Trials to stop, while desperate people were temporarily denied a chance to survive via new discoveries.  I wonder how they felt as Congress wasted time.