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- 1964 -

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I've noticed several people with a 1964 in their screen-name here on CSN.

How many of us colon cancer fighters were born in 1964?

And, just how many times have YOU said your birthdate?   (bahahaha!)


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Lets see, that would make me 49, I could do 49 again, then I'd have my colonoscopy at 50 like a good girl and they would find the tumour before it got so big. 

So for me, I'm already climbing up through my 50's. 

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Yup just noticed that there are 3 on the first page...never picked up on that before.

Nope my name does not reflect my birthdate...

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1964 was a very good year, but unfortunately not when I was born.

In fact, I was 17, graduating from high school and starting college.

So for all those who were born in 1964, let me just say...you missed some good years!

Marie who loves kitties

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noticed quit a few of us 1964 babies on here,i was dx when i was 44 years old.good catch Joe hope you are doing ok...Godbless...johnnybegood....7-15-1964

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All jokes aside. in wonder if people were having fun before being shipped out to Nam. If there a lot of births that year I wonder what was happening.  Sorry, I am a history buff.   

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Every time you go to see the dr or go to the hospital it's what's your birthday. 3-5-53.  For the million into time!  Jeff

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Hi Joe,

I'm a bit older than you youngens. :)   Good to see you!



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9-8-64.  I will guess that I have had to give my birthdate at least 1000 times since diagnosis.

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I think my mom was breathing a sigh of relief that she was done after having seven kids.

Two years later, I proved her wrong.

And I have said my birthdate a bazillion times, but still managed to forget it once when trying to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy.


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Not 64, but two years later, 1966.  I'm tellin' ya, we all got cancer because of the hotdogs they fed us in the 60s and 70s... (semi kidding.)


My birthday falls on a  holiday, so most every time I have to give my birth date, I get the same comment about the significance of that date. I grin and bear it, and pretend that each time is the first time I've ever heard that comment...




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hmmm...1966 for my husband too.

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My birthday is right before Christmas, so I have to deal with that too. 

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Me too - I was brought home from the hospital on X-mas morning in a red bunting.  :). I was a 1965 baby.

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so... what holiday?


(and don't tell us what the reply is... we'll see if we all get it)

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My birthday is 1/27/64


We are YOUNG! :-)


Although I have to tell you this story...


I stopped at McDonalds the other day, on the way to work, as I frequently do. I ordered my usual small coffee and small ice water.  The new cashier gave me a cup so I could get my ice water.  I left two dollar bills before I went for the water to cover my expected $1.06 bill. When I came back the young lady handed me $1.20 change.  I asked "when did the price change?"  She told me "it didn't change. 80 cents is the usual senior rate."  ha ha.  I guess I look a little older than 49.



Blog: http://PScamihorn.me


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You are all a bunch of kids! Being born in 1932, I had been in the Marines for three years,went to college on the GI bill. got married and had 3 children by 1964.  Good Luck to you all !!~!

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My brother was born in 1964. He came along 6 years after me and is the only boy. It's interesting tht there's a generation of CRC patients from that timeframe. I wonder if it's significant...

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That makes it the longest night of the year. In cultures they killed all the baby boys born on that night, bar cause the were considered dark and dangerous. Th Russian dictator Stalin was born on night and they should have applied that law because between 1933 and 1954 he killed about 30 million of his people in the most brutal circumstances.

Dont worry about me, I swear I'm very kind hearted. He he he he...

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8/16/1966 but my sister in a 64....

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born in 1959, and I was too.  When I have to give MY birthdate for whatever reason, most times I give Roberts' DOB Surprised  since I do most of all the

insurance and Rx stuff. When I correct myself, I get some really strange looks.....Embarassed

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I seem to be the baby of the bunch ... but still the 60's  Undecided

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Sorry that's not my year.  I'm on flag day and was named after Kim Novak (whoever she is LOL).


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Named after Queen Deborah from biblical times. Came home crying in first grade cause the teacher was making me spell it Debra! Love the music of the 60s!

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I'm a bit older than you Joe.  I have to give my medical record number and all three phone numbers (home, work, cell) each time I make an appointment.  that's a pain in the butt.  My birth date not so much, just when I have my labs done.  Traci

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mcrc with liver mets - currently just got IRE done to a liver met

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LOL, I used to take care of my littlest brother he was born in May 1964, the last of 9 children.  I was born in 1959.

Winter Marie

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1966 here.

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