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Pain after 6 months

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I had a robotic partial nephrectomy on Aptril 11th and am now scheduled for blood work, chest x-ray and CT Scan on October 21st,  After the nephrectomy I had a lot of problems with bleeding and was taken in to the hospital 4 times and finally underwent surgery again and they put 13 coils around the kidney to stop the bleeding.  I am extremely nervous about the upcoming tests as I have been having pain in my side for the past two weeks.  Nothing I can't live with but enough for me to know something is not right.  I was told that it could be scar tissure.  Any thoughts about what could be going on?  Thanks so much!

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I had a hand assisted robotical radical neph 4/1.  I never had any bleeding like yours, sounds awful.  And what upsets me most as no follow up tests were ordered except a regular blood test.  I am now seeking another dr.  However, to address your pain problem....my surgery was right side and I cannot sleep on that side at all because of pain.  I've been told by most people here that it takes a year to recover.  I have other pain that comes and goes.  Certainly mention it when you have your tests done.


Hope all will go well.  Stay strong....(easier said than done, right?)

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Thanks for replying it's good to know I'm not alone!


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Nope, you're not alone.  I'll be 6 months out from a laporoscopic radical right nephrectomy on Oct 22.  I still have right flank pain and surgical site pain.  And sometimes when I roll over onto my right side at night, it feels like something " grabs" in there where my kidney used to be.  It'll all go away at some point, but I'm thinking that the six month mark isn't that point. :). Hang in there.


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Never alone! Partial lap left kidney. Have a follow up MRI tomorrow. Had a CT scan last week for groin pain they couldn't find anything so Surgeon scheduled me a MRI. Still get some pain if I push to hard in the gym. hers to Ned in our scans!

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The pain may be from good healing and decrease in inflammation. That would make the coils less comfortable. But it is too early to second guess. Good luck.

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