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I had my prostate removed 2 years ago, all is well but I need to learn my options in order to have decent erections when I want them. Right now I am  only able to get an erection ocassionally.

 I have been told by my Doctor that it will take more time but in the mean time I could try injections into my penis. Has anyone tried this, are there other better options out there?




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Have you tried all three of the different meds? Levitra, Ciallis and Viagra? Of course not at the same time!

I have better results personally with Levitra than Ciallis. Also I have found that they work better for me on an empty stomach and taken 1 - 2 hrs before hand.

Yes there other other options your urologist should have mentioned to you. There is a muse tablet (I believe that is what its called) That can be inserted into the end of the penis.

Also their are vacuum pumps.

I have not needed injections but I've read of many men that have good results with the injections.

A book that you might want to read is called Saving your sex Life by Dr. John P Mulhall. You should be able to order from Amazon.com or some other online bookstore.

Hope this helps out.



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I am on same boat. I´m doing Cialis 5mg daily , just for blood circulation, and is not enough to get erection. I tried Viagra 50 mg 1 hour before the "act" and the result was very poor. The only thing that worked with me, was the injection Caverjet 20ug, that gave a rock harder erection, worked perfect, but gave me 7 hours of painfull continuous erection. I´ve reduced the dosis to half, with similar results. Now I´m using half dosis of Caverjet 10ug and his working, but even so i´m getting 2 hours of erection and with less but still pain. I´ve read about other injections without pain ,from US fellows such as BIMIX , but it is not available in my country so I can not talk about. (TRIMIX is another injection , but has the same component of Caverjet, so I believe will cause the same secondary effect of pain).

My regards


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Sometimes, after surgery, radiaiton, nothing will work.  And that part of a man's life is gone forever.  



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You just move on and are glad to be alive.



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I hope that's not my future case.  But, if it's to be, then so be it.

Being alive is more important.

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Can anyone recommend a good and safe place online to buy Cialis or tadalafil.

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I use All Day Chemist in India for generic Viagara. Was recommended to me by a number of men. I've had a good experience with them. Price is extremely reasonable


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I was advised by my doctor not to use the internet stuff, could contain poison.

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Never thought I could do it but I did stick myself with a needle in a place I never thought I could. Wife not thrilled with having to do so  therefore sex has seemed to disappear from our life. 

Going Tuesday to inquire about implant as well as sling.

the needle works just hope your partner is more open than mine has been.

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I had prostate cancer surgery years ago. Viagara and its generic does not work for me. I get semi-hard, but not enough to penetrate. My new urologist has a men't clinic. I was given a shot of Edex in the office (a half dose) and there was a small response. Doctor wanted me to up the dosage incrementally. I went to 75 percent of the recommended dosage and it did not help. Meeting with urologist tomorrow. The injection was not that bad. There are coordination issues to inject yourself. It's easier if your wife/friend/partner can assist. Was given a pump this week. Have not tried it yet. Plan to swamp out the manual model for an automatic one. Will consider an implant if nothing will work.

greg from pa
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all is not lost. i had a radical prostatectomy in june of 2013.My urologist reffered me to the erectile rehab at Johns Hopkins. I was instructed on how to give myself the injection and I did so there in the office. It has worked every time since . my injection consists of .25ML of c-bimix (30-1). I get my meds and syringes shipped ups overnight. It arrives packed in ice as this med must be kept cool.I deal with a pharmacy in northen baltimore which has a compounding lab on site which was recomended to me by a staff member at JHU. Dont give up man its worth it especially if there is a lady in your life you care about who still has interest in intimacey. I realize there sometimes is alot of negativity on this particular discussion board,but my philosophy is,the happiest people are not the ones with the best of everything,but rather those who are doing the best with what they have! cheers , Greg

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greg from pa,

thanks for that comment, It's been 2 years, 2 mos. since my RP, erectionless since. Subsequent to the RP, I had radiation therapy, and I'm currently 6 injections into an 8 injection (1 every 3 mos) treatment.

I'm seeing my urologist this afternoon. I never thought I'd consider an injection for an erection, but I think the time has come. The pills or pump don't work, though I haven't tried Viagra. Am looking for some postives and found it in your reply.

Thanks, David

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Does your insurance cover the costs of the meds/syringes? What kind of costs are you talking about for this remedy....I had RP just  couple of months before you....cialis not working.....

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I had Mini-Lap surgery in February of 2006 to remove my prostate. I'm thankful that after seven years my PSA level remains below <0.03. I, too, experience the the problem of a weak or complete failure to obtain an erection. As for as the drugs are concerned, I've tried all three of the major meds with some sucess.  My insurance wouldn't pay for them at first, but, after the Doc talked to them , they decided to allow 4 tablets a month. My co-pay for 4 tablets was over $40.00.  I soon discovered one could buy medications from Canada. So I asked my Doctor for a 30 tablet perscription. Cialis is my drug of choice because it provides me with a bigger window of opprotunity. (I can get 30 for $90.00)  Viagra and levetra have a much shorter window and usually give me a headache. I've heard those shots are great, but, I'm not ready for them yet. I'd suggest you research these med's and understand how and how long the compounds stay active in your system. I'm sure you've figured out by now that your sex life has changed in more ways than one. The days of the "Quickie" are over. Now I have to plan ahead to have a reasonable expectation of success. It's different and that's not so bad. Good Luck.

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