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Jan here...I'm back.....

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Hey there warriors!


Well I definitely need to apologize for not getting on these boards for quite a while.  I'm the first to blast someone in my situation to realize everyone worries and come back and let the warriors know what's happending.  

Don't quite remember where I left off from my post a while back, but yes it's cancer.  The biggie on the PET was the supraclavicular node on left of collar bone...same one RO endured in one of her past recurrences.  Then 2 smaller ones in abdominal area and one node in chest.  No where else. thank God!!!  Met with the oncologist on a Friday and by last Thursday 9/26 I had my first infusion.  Similar protocol..carboplatin and taxotere.  Taxotere is the cousin of the first one used, taxol.  As usual I had the nausea type symptoms and just fought to take the meds to help.  Once I did I was a little better, but just fatigued.  I took good care of myself with lots of naps, let others wait on me and basically, was a person letting everyone wait on ME,,,..for once!! 

Doc wanted to do radiation on the neck node, but after conferring with the head of the radiology dept, they suggested otherwise.  An area close to the jugular vein and lots of nerves.  Wiped that one off the list, but at the moment for sure 6 infusions, depending on my blood counts possibly add one or two more....argh!  Rather get it all over with now and continue on with my life as this journey is such a disruption.

As well adding another specialist to my mix, naturopathic oncologist.  This is a gal whom has been touted strongly by a few others on uterine and OVC side of our site.  I'll meet with her early November at a reteat and continue on with constant communication via. phone or email, as well do lots of blood work.  Nice fit to the medical side, but this is the specialist I should have gone with at the beginning of this crazy mess way back in '09.  Better late then never!  I'm anxious to get my terrain strong to keep this ugly devil away FOREVER.  No guarantee, but worth a good shot and as well, I've always been a believer in keeping the body strong to fight disease, and I don't mean loading our bodies with meds.

Lastly, the best of all, my 21 yr old college daughter shaved her head in support of me.  Britt told me, WE'RE GOING TO KICK CANCER'S ***....YOU AND ME MOM!!!  I was shocked when I saw the pictures, but after speaking with her friends I realized she's with me all the way.  In support of her, I didn't quite shave my head, but cut it very short.  Boy don't we look like the wild women!!!  Gathering up the wig, scarves and BB caps, and ready to go with "baldy" in another week.  

One thing about this 2nd time, I'm having a tough time coming to grips with idea yes it's back.  So.,..I've been sorta clustering myself close to my family and just not wanting to talk about the subject at hand.  Could be denial, but I'm finally coming to grips with where I'm going.  Finally the fighter Jan has come back and I'm ready to continue on and enjoy life.   

Appreciate everyone's support and know I'll keep you more updated on things...just some times we need a break to think thru life.  


Super big hugs to everyone~Kiss





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We are so glad to hear from you and your fighting spirit is back!  You deserve your moments and do this whatever you need to do.  We are all cheering for you and so happy to hear from you.

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You have no idea how your spirit and your willingness to tell your story helps all of us. You are

showing us  that it is possible to deal with whatever  comes our way in this difficult journey.

I'll be praying that your treatment goes smoothly and that  you have the best possible outcome!

Good luck  .

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Kathy G.
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Dear Jan,

So glad to hear you are working thru this mess and your great attitude has resurfaced after a very short setback. Sorry you have to go through all this again as it sure as heck is a 'disruption' in our lives....sometimes of monumental proportions!

Feel however you need to feel..in denial, happy, sad, relieved....you've earned the right.

And aren't we the lucky ones who have family support to cling to when we need to be off by ourselves and just with loved ones? I don't know how so many women get through this without it!

Keep us posted!


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We were worried about you.  Glad you have started your chemo.  Sorry it has made you nauseated. I know what you mean that you fought the nausea meds.  I hated how tired the compazine made me.  But I finally decided tired was better than nauseated.  Glad you are letting others take care of you.  

That at is some daughter you have to shave her head in support of you.  Hang in there and remember to take a day at a time.  In peace and caring.

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Hi Jan:

  Thanks for updating us and letting us know how you are doing after your first chemo treatment.

  I will be praying for you and keeping you in my thoughts as you go through chemo. I know going through chemo it definitely is a disruption in one's life. You have other things you want to be doing for sure.  That's wonderful that you have great support from family - that is so important.

  After all your chemo treatments are over, that you can kick cancer out of you and that you will remain cancer free forever!  I know you are Very brave and are a Fighter which is great.

  I wish you all the very best going through your treatments and good luck through all your treatments - do keep us warriorettes here posted to let us know how you are doing.

Hugs and Prayers,


a/k/a Jane

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Hope we weren't too intrusive.  As for denial, heck, I'm in denial about your and Alexandra's recurrences and it's you it's happening to, not me.  I just kept wanting to hear it was all some kind of mistake.  Stay strong.

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While a lot of folks don't accept what Lance Armstrong did, I still look back at how he fought cancer and won.  I also had an opportuntiy last year to hear Mike Rayburn, a great speaker, give a motivational speach on "what if".   Using what I have learned from both Lance's fight and victory and what I heard about "what if" and "what do I do to make it happen" I am a firm believer you will beat this. 

You are strong, a fighter and very determined person.  All the ingredients for success.  As we all forge forward with our individual paths to beating this we all  have one thing in common - determination and hope.  That is what will get us through this together.


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Thinking of you as you take this journey one more time.  I know how you feel about coming to terms with recurrence.  I am on my 3rd and each time I find it hard to believe that this darned thing is trying to have another go at me, despite all my efforts to see it off!

I hope the chemo isn't too hard on your body this time.  It sounds as if you have a wonderful family rallying around you - and your daughter is a real trouper.  Just make sure you rest, rest and then rest some more.

Thanks for keeping us in the picture - as you can tell, all the warriors here were thinking about you and wanting to know you were OK. 

Kindest wishes


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but glad to hear that your fighting spirit is back too! I was concerned that we had no heard from you for a while but knew that when demon fighting you have to take a step back sometimes to be able to move forward.  Praying for you and your family including your daughter.  My daughter was not brave enough to shave her head but she did cut her hair short.  I know that we have the same stage and type of cancer and I was so happy to hear that you had made it to 4 years NED and I am heartbroken to hear it has returned.  Keep strong my friend. trish

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Double Whammy
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and to feel your take charge attitude.  Hope you can knock this thing back again.  You are one strong lady!  Please keep us uptodate,


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Glad to see you back and that you have a close family support!!!   Thanks for checking in.



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Hola Jan,

It is always great to hear from you. You brought tears to my eyes to hear about your daughter shaving her head, how sweet of her!

You are always in my paters. Smile

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So sorry you're facing this, but with your attitude you're already beating it! I was so touched by your daughter's support. What a sacrifice........so awesome! I know you're incredibly proud of her.

Take care of yourself and kick the beast to oblivian!!



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Apologies, all, that I haven't been visiting the Boards as often as I did in the prior two years; two years out since finishing treatment for the same tumor that Jan has--MMMT--I am feeling great but finding my full-time work pretty exhausting.


But I do check in every two months or so--and have to echo everyone else here on how helpful and uplifting Jan has been in her comments on this site!

Knowing your fighting spirit, Jan, I'm sure you're going to beat back this recurrence and emerge stronger than ever by the New Year. 

Thanks too to longterm survivors such as Cleo and Ghee for showing that it IS possible to survive for even more than five years despite these aggressive tumors.  

Love You All!




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Sara Zipora
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Dear Jan,

happy to see you are off and running,with wonderful family and friend support, to fight another day,week, month and slay them dragons!

thanks for re checking in, even a lurker, such as I, was missing your posts!


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You ladies are such a wonderful and supportive group...words truly can't express how appreciative I am to hear from everyone!!  

Yes this isn't the direction I wished to take, but what control do any of us have in life?  NONE~~~  so why get upset, but simply pick our selves up and keep on the happy face and hit the road with lots of determination to beat this devil.  I will never let cancer determine whom I am, therefore, I just move forward with a positive mind and spirit.

Very anxious to start the new naturopathic oncologist, as see light at the end of the tunnel....and all good things!!!

Hugs to all









I believe
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Hi Jan,

Keeping you in my paryers and you will beat this beast again.

My mom also has to fight again after 1 year of being diagnosed stage 1 MMMT because the latest MRI showed bone recurrence.

As you said, it isn't the direction we wished to take, but what control do any of us have in life?


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In reviewing these great messages of support to Jan, I read yours and am sorry to see you have to see your mom through a recurrence.  May I ask where it has recurred in her bones?  (Usually, I thought, MMMT recurs more often in the lungs, pelvis, even liver).Should I assume she had the usual six rounds of carbo/tascol and some pelvic radiation?


If you could email me here on the Boards, woujld appreciate it.


In the meantime, keep us posted on how she's doing.




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In reviewing these great messages of support to Jan, I read yours and am sorry to see you have to see your mom through a recurrence.  May I ask where it has recurred in her bones?  (Usually, I thought, MMMT recurs more often in the lungs, pelvis, even liver).Should I assume she had the usual six rounds of carbo/tascol and some pelvic radiation?


If you could email me here on the Boards, woujld appreciate it.


In the meantime, keep us posted on how she's doing.




I believe
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My mom had 4 rounds of Carboplatine/Endoxan without any radiation, around 4 months ago she hit her head and a small a bump appeared in the back of her head, we didn't take it seriously because she appeared directly after she hit her head, after 2 months of this accident we had a whole body PET scan and the results were NED! and we asked the doctor about this bump that its been two months and it is still appearing and he told us that he is not worried about it especially that the PET scan is NED although it appeared in the skull pictures. After the PET scan we started noticing that its getting bigger so we did a head  MRI and the results were shocking that it is most probably bone metastases (in the skull). She will have a biopsy operation next week but the symptoms are getting more and more serious day after day for example today for 10 minutes she wasn't able to  move her fingers and couldn't hold anything we contacted the Dr and he told us to take her to emergency if other symptoms appeared again before the biopsy operation. Its really a big mass now and we are really afraid and can't wait to do the biopsy...

Hopeful Girl1
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It was great to see your name and bubbly picture on the boards again. I have not posted in quite some time. My name will show as "new" because I couldnt find my old info to sign on with.

i feel a strong connection with you as we had the same stage cancer, and began our battles around the same time-although you began treatment prior. I was very shocked to read about your recent happenings and I am sending you my prayers, for love faith and healing. I know you are a beautiful, vibrant spirited woman who will get thru' this and continue to inspire others. Cancer sucks, but you will get thru' this. I think it is awesome that your daughter shaved her head in support.

I too agree with the thought process of laws of attraction, we attract what we believe, and positive energy cancels out negative energy. It is important and crucial to BELIEVE and have FAITH that you will be healed. I believe it is important to BELIEVE and know without doubt that once you have won this battle once more you will remain cancer free and it will not return. There is no room for doubt that it may return, it is important to fully believe it will not return and that your healing will be permanent. Statistics do not matter. They are based on old criteria, and do not account for lifestyles, habits and spirituality.

The world needs your light and you will come thru' this fine and continue to shine that light.


Love and Peace! :)






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Dear Jan,

Although you don't know me I feel like I know you because of all I've read and learned from your posts during my experiences with cancer this past year. I'm one of the lurkers gone for a while and recently returned to CSN, who don't say much because I think I have little to say to those much further along the way.  

I want to thank you for sharing your research, your journey, your caring and your heartfelt messages.  I too join with our Uterine sisters in sending you healing thoughts, prayers and light as you go through the treatments to shrink and eliminate the cancer cells. 

May you and your family be filled with light and love,    Sungranny



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