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Scan Tomorrow Morning

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I'm having my scan tomorrow morning and asking for you to please pray, send good vibes, send out wishes for a normal scan.  Like always, I'm so nervous.  It just seems I'm always anxious when anything medical comes up.  My doctor's appointment is next Wednesday.  You are all always in my thoughts and prayers. 

Hugs!  Kim

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I'm sending them.  Like everything else in a cancer journey, you can only take 1 step at a time.

"May you feel safe,

may you feel happy,

may you feel healthy,

may you live with ease"

Best wishes on a clean scan!


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You will be in my prayers for a clean scan

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Prayers for a clean scan and good doc visit.


Marie who loves kitties

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That's a burden we'll all carry now, worry, worry worry. Every scan, every little ache or pain, cancer will always be at the forefront of our minds. 

I will definitiely be praying for you. Peace and calm and of course a clear scan. 

We'll all be on tenderhooks with you until next Wednesday when you get your results. 

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all the very very best  Kim....will be thinking of you


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Sending prayer for comfort and another NED scan!  Remember to always treat yourself .. with anything .. a coffee, chocolate .. or anything you really love!  You deserve it!  Wishing nothing but the best for you! :) 


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Praying for great news! 

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Good luck Kim.  Can't wait to read your good news.  Let us know ASAP.  Thanks.



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Prayers heading your way!  I've got one coming up the 21st! Keep us posted!


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It's so stressful for me right now.  I'm having an anxiety attack and have taken a 1/4 pill of of 1 mg ativan.  Just seems like I'm hyperventilating.  I'm just not good with these scans.  Plus I've just done my blood test and I'm nervous about that also.  Golly Geez Whiz can't we just have a day where we don't have to go through all this torment.  Just don't get the results until the 9th and that is a long time.  Your prayers and thoughts are so appreciated.  Thanks all for your input. 

Hugs!  Kim

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Take the rest of the Ativan...that's what it's for--times like these!

Exhale....and be kind to yourself.

Big hugs Kim.






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I'm a big fan of Ativan at times like these, so I'm glad you had it available.  Do you know why such a long wait?  I usually hear my results within 24-48 hours, sometimes even the same day.  They're your medical records...could you call them and tell them you're not willing to wait?

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Nothing but good vibes sent for great scan results!!

Sending them soonest and all day tomorrow!!

Winter Marie

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I'm praying your scans come out good . I have good feelings that everything will turn out great. Jeff

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Kim assume it will be nothing! We make it harder on ourselves by worry.   Tomorrow night you will be one happy girl !!!

Good Luck comes with my prayers.

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... fingers crossed. Wishing you a nice clear scan!!!


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just take a deep breath and you will do fine.i am so glad you continue to be ned and have stuck around with us on this board,thank you for supporting all of us and we definately will support you.you will be fine....Godbless....johnnybegood

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Because i am so new to this site, i have seen the words mets and ned quite often. i do not understand what these words mean. would someone please let me know.

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Mets - metastasis

NED = No Evidence of Disease


Put the address below (The Colon Club) into your browser bar and then click on "Terminology and Abbreviations" (6 posts down) - that should give you all of the acronyms that you'll come across during treatment.


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i'm also here, sending you good vibes. i hope you will soon update us with heart-warming news :)

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