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Craig's article in Coping magazine

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I have been in touch with Craig's wife, Kim.  The magazine for Sept/Oct is not out yet...perhaps next month.

As Craig mentioned in his post, he can receive free copies and share them with us.

I have offered to start the list of those interested.  If you want a copy, please use the CSN Email function here to send me your name and address.  Please do not enter your personal information on this thread.

I will not only send the list to Craig, but also do the mailing labels.  Please be assured that your information will only be used for this one purpose.

Marie who loves kitties

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I cant wait to see this! I don't need a hard copy though. In the interest of saving time money and energy, I wonder if someone can scan and post?

Is there anything we can do for Craig and Kim...besides pray and send positive thoughts?

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Nice idea but I am not sure what the copywrite laws are regarding this, as the article is the "property", at least in part, of the magazine.  If you want a copy, just send me your info.  I am sure we can get the costs of mailing covered so as not to put the burden on Craig and Kim.

I, or some of the others who have been in touch, will certainly post if there is anything else we can do for them.  Right now, Kim says they are doing ok.

Marie who loves kitties

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Can't wait to read your submission!  So exciting!



So gracious of you to offer to do the work.  But as mentioned above, I would be fine with a scan of the article as well.  If you have the ability to scan the article, that would be awesome.  Otherwise, if you send me a copy I can scan and post for the board.



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We used to have a really nice Barnes and Noble in my town, but it closed down.  They had a great magazine selection.  If I can't find coping at a store - I didn't even check to see if my oncologists office subscribed (I usually play with my smartphone in the waiting room)... Maybe they do

If I can't find it, I will try to order one copy from Coping directly - I'm sure that will be possible...



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Thank you so much for the information! Very exciting, can't wait to read it!

Very glad to here Craig is doing ok as well ...


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This is so cool.  I can't wait to see it when I'msetting in the waiting room or oncs office. ThanksI, I'll share with some of my colon buddies. Jeff

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You're right, Marie...

They own the rights to the story and so it cannot be reproduced in any fashion whatsoever.

They will send me a link to the story that I can post....so that it can be read. 

I don't want to violate any of their guidelines...the link to me will be permission that they have published it and then it can be read online when they post the content.

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I can't wait to read it.

How are things going my friend?


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But thank you for asking:)

I lost my only friend here in the metroplex this week....he was only 39 and passed away with a massive heart attack.  I feel alone now...he was the only physical person and physical contact that I have.....though I remain grateful for all of you....I've just been too sick to be with you this time.

So, there's been a big void this week....I've know my friend for 23-years....worked with  him for the last 13 of those seeing him every day at work...and now, he's gone. Myself and his family friends are understandably shocked and devastted as it arrived like a lightning bolt leaving an enormous hole that will never be filled.

I know all of his brothers and parents.....we have broken bread in my home and have shared many memories during that time.  So, it's not a lite loss by any means.

Combined with being so chemo sick, it's almost been more than I could bear....and even knowing me a short time, you know that there is something in that statement. I can take it...but it's getting to be too much watching all my friends pass away and leave me here to figure it out.

And losing my only physical link.....well, you just can't replace it...but will do the best I can to move through it.

Chemo has been rough man....this dose packed a pretty good punch....time to do another one now tomorrow morning....I'm going to try and hang for 2 more. 

With my friends death, I've decided to try and fight on.....to try and get back to a spot where I can find life once more.....and this time, take more time for myself and my wife....as well, as helping this community I've given my life to.

Hopefully, I'm kicking ***.....as bad as i feel....we must be:)

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I am sorry for the loss of your Friend.

Hoping for the strength you need to keep up the fight. 

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to hear about your friend, Craig.  I like your attitude about fighting in memory of your friend.  I'm also happy to hear you will take more time for yourself and your wife :-)

Love, Linda

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Ditto to that Craig .. so so sorry for your loss and also glad to hear of your new plan.  That sounds like a positive step and I am here to cheer you on! 

Just finished my last dose of FOLFIRI last week and man was yesterday a rough one!!! Whoooo!!! My treatments seem to have been an on/off thing with the severe side affects.  Some weeks good, others awful!  Seemed like every third one was rough.  I did push through all 12, but it was not easy and I could not have done it without my husband, oncologist and surgeon encouraging its importance.  Did have a few delays, but made it all the same.

Wishing you well for today's treatment and comfort for your loss.


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