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Surgery went well.

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Well I made it through. I had my Liver surgery on the 27th and came home 8 day later. Im really sore and tired and haveing a hard time eating, Everything makes me sick. My neighbors our wounderful they bring meals over for us . They did remove some lymph no I have to wait to find out the results when I go back on the 20th. Which I think is a really long time to have 30 staples in but what do I know. So now just to heal, pull my self out of depression ( Im tired of crying over everything) And get back to normal well as normal as I can be.. Thanks for alll the prayers.

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I'm glad that the surgery is over, but at the same time the recovery can be hard. Please, rest a lot, try to distract your mind with movies and books (avoid the funnies cuz laughing can hurt first, right?). 

Wish you speedy Gonzales recovery and looking forward to your next post which will be much more happy I know.


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I've been thinking and praying for you and glad that you have been able to get on line to give us an update.

I'm very happy to hear all went well with the surgery, and we'll wait to hear more after your Dotor's visit on the 20th.  It does seem a long time for staples to be in, but I guess they want it to heal up good.

Take things real slow so that you heal well.  And I hope that you can pull out of the sad state you have been in.  We all understand how hard it is to face the problems that Cancer lays at our feet.  Tears are good, but not too many of them. 

We're here for you too. 


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I am glad you pulled through the surgery as I knew you would. Dont feel bad about the depression and crying. I had the same emotions after each of my surgerys. It is a very traumatic experience and the drugs just intensify the emotions.

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It's really good news that your surgery went well. Just a matter of time before everything is normal but it will be there. Jeff

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So glad that this is behind you.  I'm praying for your healing right now.  Thank you for the update.  I'm sure that this is getting you down, but you have this surgery behind you and I'm wishing the best for your recovery.  Please keep us posted on how you are feeling.  Welcome home.


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We are glad the surgery went well.   The depression or emotional is just part of the cancer journey.  


When we figure out all of the blessings each of us have, then it is harder to get depressed. When ever I have gotten down, I have met someone whom has a far more difficult time then me.  Then I feel a little selfish for being down.


Eat healthy and start moving.  No matter how bad I felt, i always felt better after I started moving around.  Get out to the local store and pick up one item.  This gets us out and enables us to say, "Hi" to someone.  Making food always made me feel better also.  I gave away a lot of baked goods when I was doing chemo. lol I could not always eat it, but I loved the smell of it. I learned to bake and make Indian food during my first time with chemo. lol


We are sending our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!

Best Always,  mike

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I am so happy to see your post.  yup that surgery is a real kicker...especially when you have to do it twice....it is not an immediate or an easy bounc back.  Like you I had real trouble eating again and finally my hubby got a dietician to come to the house.  I was only eating fresh fruit and some vegetables like apple and cucumber slices and it just wasn;t enough calories or protein for recovery from surgery. I did not like the taste of the protein shakes but some folks here don't mind them....things like Boost.  I seem to have a little speech that I give....I am a big believer in eggs....a nice little boiled or scrambled egg....a cracker with peanut butter.....you need those amino acid protein blocks to start building your body again....and drink drink drink.

Tiny walks out to the street and back and then down on house on the block and soon you will be walking down to the corner. Be very very kind to yourself girl.....and think of this as a brand new beginning......could be good things coming for you

sending you greatest love Braelee....so proud of you for marching through.....and thank you so much for posting.....mags

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back and doing as well as expected.when i had my surgeries i drank ensure they make it now for people who have gone thru surgeries to help with the energy part.just rest and you will be up and going in no time...Godbless...johnnybegood

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It seems like no matter how we prepare ourselves and our families for the after affects of surgery, it simply isn't enough.  I had partial colectomy, ileostomy, and hystorectomy at one time on July 19th and just now really feeling better.  Those first 3 weeks are tough.  Every time I had to get up to go to the bathroom, I had to wake my husband up to help me out of bed.  It gets better every day.  Don't try to do too much and let your body heal.  Having the staples out is no big deal but I am sure you are anxious to get it done.  So happy you are on this side of the surgery!

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Thank you for sharing your progress. Rest but try to take a walk each day. I find the sun and nature help me feel close to God. Prayers for healing.

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